The ninth edition of the ultimate “sky running” rendezvous for all runners will take place on July 11-12, 2020 at Thessaly Olympus with the three racing events – FOM 44k, RUPICAPRA 20k and Faethon Trail 14k – offering epic moments and plenty of excitement this year as well. to athletes and spectators of the race.

The Faethon Olympus Marathon 44km is the main race of the event. Thirty of the 44km run above 2000m altitude, while athletes cross 10 peaks above 2000m, including “Scolio” (2911m altitude), the second highest peak in Greece.

The Rupicapra 20km, is a half marathon dedicated to Mount Athos, a miniature of F.O.M’s older brother. Starting from Kokkinoplo it crosses the E4 until about 2300m where it then changes course to follow the endless slopes of Western Olympus with stunning views of Mytikas and the other high peaks of Olympus. The highest point is the Flambouro peak (2455m). It then sinks steeply up to Kokkinoplos village.

FAETHON TRAIL (14km, + 400m), the smallest race in the competition, is aimed at less experienced athletes who want to experience the experience of a mountain race. Like last year, the race will take place on Saturday, July 11, 2020.

The organizing committee will continue, as it does from the beginning, to aim at upgrading the competitions and services it offers to athletes.

And for the year 2020, FOM will continue to be a member of the I.T.R.A where it has been since 2016!

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