The start and finish takes place within the Marathon Lake Dam. The route begins with an asphalt road from the Dam to Ag. Wreath. After about 2km we enter the lake area on a mild dirt road, clear forest road, lakeside pine plane trees and trees. There are short calls along the way uphill and downhill.

The route is beautiful, running almost a large part by the lake. The start is given by the dam, and in particular by the courtyard area of ​​the Fragma cafe located on the edge of the dam heading to Marathon – and vice versa to Ag. Wreath. The finish takes place inside the Lake facility, enabling every athlete who finishes to take the water – juice – soft drink, walking about 1km to the start of the dam to receive his souvenirs and luggage. Along the way there will be signage – markers – and numbering per kilometer. There will also be athlete safety and health coverage by the Markopoulou-Kouvaras Special Task Force on Volunteers, as well as a section of volunteers along the way.

Supply stations.

There will be three Water-Juice-Isotonic filling stations, as well as a stop.

Fresh water juices and souvenirs will be offered at the Fragma Cafe starting area.


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