The OKA VIKELAS and EAS SEGAS Central Macedonia co-organizes with the Racing Club of Veria and with the Athletic Section of CAPA. Of the Municipality of Veria in the 9th race of mountain run Xirolivadou. The struggle is supported by the co-ownership co-ownership cooperative Xirolivadou, Π.Ο.Χ. (Xirolivado Cultural Club), LEMOM, the Cultural Association of Makrohori “DIFFIDO”, the team of motorsSportsTeam (Riverenduro) and ERVAN.

Match Date: Sunday July 14, 2019
Start time: 9: 15am from the central park of the village of Xirolivado Veroia.
Entries: Maximum 600 participants.
Registration must be made by Monday 8 July by clicking on the Registration Form Online link and filling in all the details of the online form.

Cost of the match. The cost of participation is 5 euros. The money will be deposited with Piraeus Bank on the IBAN account: GR75 0172 2430 0052 4308 5986 552 in the name of: TURKEY & ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION OF VEROS DEPOTS, you will have to file your name with your money. Any cancellation by Monday 8 July in the club’s e-mail:
Last minute statements (on the same day) will be accepted as long as the number of 600 runners is not exceeded and for a limited number, but please do not leave it at the last minute because you will create a problem with the event.

Entries to participate in the struggle for young children will take place on Saturday between 18:00 and 20:00 from the Xirolivados Park Pavilion and Sunday 14 July to 45 minutes before starting from the same place, signing the parents’ affirmation that allow their child to participate in the fight and has been recently examined by a doctor.

ATTENTION: Runners participate with their own EXCLUSIVE RESPONSIBILITY and should have been examined by a physician prior to their participation due to the particularity of the race. No medical attestations will be required for any athlete, since all participants are at their own sole responsibility and minors under the responsibility of their guardians. Participants sign “check” on their electronic registration the responsible statement that they have been recently examined by a doctor.


In cooperation with, registrations (individual and group up to 10 people) are also made using a Visa, Mastercard, Maestro credit card and more. Follow this link to register and pay your membership. The credit card is charged if the data and its validity are checked and certified. The customer is solely responsible for the correct recording and the truth of his credit card details. In every purchase case, the buyer should also be the cardholder used for the transaction. You do not have to sign up again through the organizer’s site. With your receipt through, your registration is valid if it meets the organizer’s specifications.

* All payments made via credit / debit card / prepaid card are processed through an electronic payment platform provided by SIX Payment Services using TLS 1.2 encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption protocol. Encryption is a way to encode the information until it reaches the recipient, which can decode using the appropriate key.

5. Match Description:

Xerolivoda, contrary to its name, is a verdant meadow at an altitude of 1230 meters surrounded by ancient perennials and beeches. It is located in Vermio, 18 km from Veria. From Veria we take the road to Seli and in the 9th kilometer we turn left for Xirolibados.

The race is 14 kilometers in a forest area in beautiful scenery, with small uphill and downhill slopes (total positive altitude of 190 meters) and many points with paths resting the runner without big or no slopes (the fastest and easiest mountain range race at an altitude above 1230m in Greece).

There will be individual online timing for all participants.

This fight, apart from the racing part, includes the element of tightening relationships and acquaintance between the runners and perhaps their families, since it provides for those who wish, from the previous day, a camping site, into a beautiful meadow surrounded by old-time blacksmith.

For more information, contact the organizing committee members at the following telephone numbers:

Kelepouris Nikos 6973534440

Koutesteos Antonis 6976000302

Karagiannis Ioannis 6972240184


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