Welcome to Skyrunning. 

Welcome to ALPAMAYO PRO TrailRace. The historic and most challenging mountain running of Attica is dynamically in its second decade with the 12th in a row. On his journeys you will experience the experience and the climate of a real fight with the stunning nature of the northeastern Parnitha.

TrailRace Original 25K The final race of the Skyrunning championship will test the strategy but also lead to your physical condition. Stay at the start between top runners and race on a 25km to 1500m altitude course in a very technical terrain with intense changes.

TrailRace Relay 25K Build your team and share with another athlete the challenges of the 25Km route by changing the baton to its highest point in the Flabouri mountain shelter just before the middle of the route.

TrailRace Entry 7K Try your technique and speed in a smart, very beautiful and impressive track with spectacular altitude changes that require strategy and puts you in the good of the mountain running without exhausting you.


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