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The lifting of the restrictive measures is now a reality. We are slowly returning to a relative normalcy and the possibility of running races has already got the green light. So after a year of absence but also a particularly painful year at all levels, which we have tried and continue to try, the Andros Trail Race puts its wings on its feet again and prepares for the end of September.

After four years of continuous and consistent implementation, the Andros Trail Race has won the recognition and respect of athletes from all over Greece and around the world and has now become an institution with loyal participants who together with hundreds of volunteers choose to live and relive the unique experience it offers.

We return on September 25 & 26 for the 5th ATR event, ensuring the smooth running of the games but mainly safe conditions for athletes, volunteers, visitors and residents of the area with our priority of ensuring their health.

The Andros Trail Race is addressed to young and old athletes of all performances, who are invited to choose the route that suits them this year as well.

Four routes of rare beauty, in the special nature of the island that combines the Cycladic aura and the wild beauty of mountainous Greece, are waiting to host the participants this year as well.

Every athlete can find the race that suits him.

The main routes of 24 and 10 km are addressed to experienced athletes or those who want to try new challenges, while the parallel races of 5 km Run & Hike – City Trail, and the children’s races 1 & 2 km, are addressed to everyone, ideal for acquaintance with mountain running. A new entry this year will make the children’s race 2 km for older children, to satisfy all age groups but also to avoid overcrowding in young athletes.

In the Andros Trail Race the sporting action is ideally combined with the cultural experience as it takes place on the hiking trails of the island, while the routes pass between historical monuments and natural landscapes of exceptional interest and rare beauty such as the Venetian Castle of Faneromeni, the Castle Monastery of Panachrantos. the typical pigeons of the area of ​​Korthio, the Watermills in the gorge of Dipotamata, the only windmill in the Diocese, Mrs.

A struggle that provokes, excites, reveals and that incorporates all these cultural elements that characterize Andros and compose the unique identity of its landscape. ‘A marriage of sports and culture!

The Organization, faithful to the promise to incorporate social and charitable elements every year, but above all aware of the social impact created by the effects of Covid-19 and not only, dedicates this year to Women and shouts “No to Violence against Women ”.

Stay tuned and we will soon announce the relevant actions, speeches and workshops.

At the same time, with the aim of reducing the environmental footprint and reducing the use of plastic, the organization has made sure that all the catering materials of the power stations and the Pasta Party are made of biodegradable materials of Hellas Products. The purpose is to return to Andros as compost and to give to the new crops of local varieties of barley and rye (“Andros peas”) that will be used in the terraces of the Life Terracescape project in Andros.

There will be many different activities this year as well, such as guided tours of the historic center of Chora, a visit to the Goulandris Museum of Modern Art and the retrospective exhibition dedicated to the distinguished painter George Rorris, exhibitions of artists living in Andros, and much more.

Preparations and planning have already begun and registrations have been opened as well as those of volunteers.

Stay tuned to the NEWS of the site, to the social networks of the race but also to the communication partners who share our news with you.

The One Foot Forward Travel office (formerly Trekking Andros & Outdoor Activities) is again this year the main organizer and the soul of the race.

We are very pleased to have at our side, our first sponsors and supporters, the innovative information, motivation and reward platform YourPulses and the high standard Andros4allseasons accommodation.

#AndrosTrailRace is under the auspices of the Municipality of Andros.

In accordance with the official protocols of all open sport events and in order to ensure the health of all of us, we will follow the strict rules of health protocol, and all participants will be able to receive their number and participate in the race, presenting a European Digital Certificate COVID-19 which is in force.

Information about the ED Certificate


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