Participation rights

To qualify for the Half Marathon, you must be 18 years of age (born at least 2002 and older).

Event Registration Center: HELEXPO MAROUSSI (39 Kifissias Avenue, 151 23 Maroussi)

The Event Registration Center from which all REGISTERED runners will receive their entry number (with a built-in timing chip) and race entry material will be hosted at the HELEXPO MAROUSSI Exhibition Center and will be open to the public below. Hours:



Route Description

Starting point: The start of the Semi-Marathon Road is given in front of Syntagma Square (Monument to the Unknown Soldier), on Amalia Avenue, heading to University Avenue.

Route: The Semi-Marathon route follows the routes: University – Aeolos (left) – Stadium (left) – Philellenes – Amalias (right) – Vas. Olga (left) – Vas. Constantinos (downhill stream) on the ascent current to Kifissia) – Vas. Sofia – Nos. Sophia / Kifissia / Alexandra – Alexandra L. (left) on the downstream traffic – Patision (right) – turn over to Kefallinias – Patissonion Road – Patissia – Stadium (left) – Philellenes – Amalia (right) and at the traffic light of Vassil Olga changing traffic (ascending current to Constitution) – Athos Diakou (left) – Ardittou (left) – Vassilis Constantinou (descending to Piraeus) – Vas. Sofia – Sakharov (left). Alexandra (left) – Patision (left) – University (left) – Amalias ending and ending in front of Unknown Soldier Square

Finishing: Athletes finish at Amalia Avenue, at the height of Syntagma Square (Monument to Unknown Soldier), after two rounds, coming from University Avenue.

Kilometer markings are available at every mile of the route.

Race Completion Time Limit

The finish time is 3 hours. All runners should have finished by 12.10pm.

Participant Health

All runners take part in the race WITH THEIR OWN RESPONSIBILITY. The organizers are not responsible for issues related to the health of the participants and are due to the lack of preventive medical examination. Participants are advised to have a recent medical examination prior to their participation in the race. Particular attention should be given to people who have any form of cardiac problems. It is also recommended that all participants, regardless of age, undergo complete cardiac testing before participating in the race. The organizers will not ask for medical certificates for any athlete, as all participants are solely at their own risk and the minors are at the responsibility of their guardians.

Support stations

Along the Semi Marathon route there are runner support stations. Bottled water is available to all participants in Startup, Termination as well as intermediate stations on the route. Participants in the Half Marathon Runners are also offered an Isotonic drink at a stopover and Termination.


The medals and diplomas are awarded to the first three winners of the General Men’s and Women’s Rankings. Prize money will be given to the first Greek Winners of the Half Marathon.

All runners who successfully finish the race are awarded a commemorative medal, and after the announcement of the Official Results of the race, runners can download the participation certificate for the finish times free of charge through the event’s website.



Registration in both the Half-marathon and 5km & 3km Road Races is possible at one of the following levels (applies to European Union residents):

Basic Registration Level:

Basic Registration Level includes:

• Participation number with built-in electronic timing chip

• Online announcement of results

• Services during the race (support stations, medical services, etc.)

• Finish Medal

• Termination Certificate of Participation (following the announcement of the Official Results)

Enhanced Registration Level:

Enhanced Registration Level includes all of the above and more:

• Official T-shirt of the Race

Max Registration Level:

The Complete Registration Level includes all of the above and more:

• 50% discount on admission ticket to the Acropolis Museum


For this race we are acting as intermediates! This means that we do not have the exclusivity for the race’s registrations and we charge you a small fee for our services. The organizer will receive your registration though our system and you will receive both ours and the organizer’s registration receipts! In the case that registrations are closed or any other problem appears, we will return the registration fee back to you (minus the service fee). In the case that the race is cancelled, the race organizer will be responsible for the fee handling. 


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