Aegean Island


On the 15th and 16th of September, Sifnos will host the most entertaining of all the matches you have taken. His name: ATROMITOS. Do not worry !!! Brief description of the weekend: On Saturday 15th September morning, 3 starts will be given. All three of the beautiful beach of Platis Yialos. The one start is 3000 meters swimming and is basically a long trail-shaped route, inside the well guarded bay. The start will be given out of the water and the finish will also be a few steps out of the sea under the arch of the race. At about the same time, a second start will be given for a shorter 1200 meter swim. Both swim matches will be carried out with absolute security. There will be many boats and kayaks with volunteer rescuers. This 1200 meter race can also be selected as a multisport coupled with a 12.5 km mountain run with about 450 meters of positive altitude, for which a separate start will be given for those who do not want to get wet at all … The path is considered one of the most beautiful of Sifnos! In the distance of about 12 km you meet several different terrain. From rocky paths to olive groves, distant beaches and monasteries. In the afternoon of the same day we will have prepared various activities * which will be announced in detail soon, while in the evening it will become a special party on the sand !. On Sunday morning, the same morning there will be a start of another 3000 meters swimming course. The special of this fight is that the start will be given by the beach of Apokofto, next to the famous Chrysopigi monastery (you can not go to a wedding ) Where competitors will be transported by the organization coaches. This fight is a real open water fight. It is aimed at those who do not fear (fearless) with the deep waters, those born to travel to the waves! It starts with a beach start and is directed at the beginning towards the picturesque and “milled” cave with the monastery. There it turns right in the direction of Platys Gialos. Let yourself safely in the magic of the open sea because there will be many patient and volunteer volunteers on every occasion. One of them in the middle of the route will have waters and bananas and isotonic and a smile of support … After the creek we turn right to the marina which will be closed for the duration of the fight and after a few meters we end outside the water in the already known arch.We are now also officially TURNED !!!

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