Saturday 20/8/2022


The Hiking and Mountaineering Association of K. Nevrokopi (POS K. Nevrokopi) in collaboration with the Cultural Association of Towers announce the performance of the Sports – Cultural Organization under the name “FROZEN PEAKS – AUTHENTIC SIX PEAK.

The event includes a mountain race of about 35 km in semi-autonomous conditions, as well as parallel cultural events.

The purpose of the event is to highlight the geomorphological elements of the area, to promote the points of natural beauty with the gorge of the same name and the paths that run through it, to raise awareness of people to respect the tradition and preservation of the natural environment and respect for ethics values ​​of “good fight” and noble rivalry.

The race will take place on Saturday, August 20 and will be in the evening. The start will be given from the central square of the village of Pyrgi in the prefecture of Drama. The route of the race leads the athletes to the 6 highest peaks of Mount Falakro (Kartalka, Cafeteria, Profitis Elias and the three peaks of Vardaina) through the homonymous gorge of Pyrgos and route F1 and has an end at the shelter of the Ski Center.

It is characterized as a hard night mountain race with a large altitude difference, passing through six peaks with over 2000m. altitude. The uphills are difficult but special attention is needed on the downhills. It has adequate signaling and light reflecting signals.

The terms of participation, the registration process, the cost of participation, the prizes and other details appear in the rules of the games (see here).

From the Organizing Committee of FROZEN PEAKS


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