Central Greece


1. Race 12 km. Men – Women 2. Race 5 km Men – Women 3. Race 1 thousand Juveniles The Panneuvoic Association “the Good Samaritan” and the Nea Artakis Philanthropic Club are announcing charity races on a Public Road in Chalkida with the distinctive title “PEOPLE’S ROAD RACE OF CHALKIDA”.

The fight is dedicated against femicide and child abuse The race has a charitable purpose and the proceeds will strengthen the Houses of Galini Parishes of our Holy Metropolis. Part of the proceeds will be offered to the General Philanthropy Fund of the Holy Metropolis of Chalkida

Everyone over 18 years of age is eligible to participate, as well as those younger with the written consent of their guardians .

Eligibility is subject to change depending on changes in infection control rules, recommendations and notices from relevant authorities. The date of the event is Sunday, October 9, 2022.


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