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“Chiosrunning”, the Health Club of Chios, in association with Chios Municipality, Chios Regional Unit and the Chios Municipal Authority announces a race for mountain running and parallel sports and cultural activities under the name “Chios Hardstone Trail” the 20km route and the “Chios Fun Trail” for the 5km route which will take place on Sunday 26/04/2020 in the mountain village of Karyon Chios.

The race comprises two routes of varying distance, altitude difference and degree of difficulty.

The Chios Hardstone Trail 20Km, which is the 20km and 1056m race track, positive altitude difference. The nature of the race track is technical (especially at the top of the summit), requires good physical condition, is potentially exposed to abrupt weather changes at higher mountain ranges and is aimed at well-trained runners with similar mountain racing experience.

The Chios Fun Trail 5Km, which retains all the features of what we call trail running. With a length of 5km and a positive altitude difference of 227m. addressed to everyone and considered ideal for your introduction to the mountainous terrain. It is also an easy route for purely entertaining but also educational. Its purpose is to bring our young and old friends into contact with nature and to familiarize them with alternative forms of action and sport. Also to highlight all those beneficial properties that the natural environment provides to humans, as well as to make the tradition and history of the place known to young and old alike.

The beginning and end of each route is the basis of the event in the central square of the village of Karyon Chios.

“Chiosrunning” the Athletic Association of Chios has taken over the technical management, ensuring the perfect signage, program flow and safe movement of the athletes.

Prizes will be given to the first three (3) first men and three (3) first women of the overall Chios Hardstone Trail 20Km rank as well as to the first three (3) first men and three (3) first women of the general rank of Chios Fun Trail 5Km.

Before you sign up, read carefully the rules for joining the event:

Chios HardStone Trail & Chios Fun Trail Participation Rules

The cost of participation is as follows:

Chios Fun Trail: 10 €
Chios HardStone Trail 20Km: 20 €

Registrations will be considered valid until April 20, 2020. For more information on the website:


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