The Paleochora Runners Association “Paleochora Trail Running Team” invites you on Sunday 01/03/2020, Carnival Sunday, at the 3rd Crocodile Trail Mountain Race.

The goals of the club and its organizations are:

-Development of sports / alternative leisure tourism, especially during the winter season.

-The transcendence of sports values ​​and “playfulness” at an early age through the participation of children in corresponding introductory competitions.

-Enhancing and protecting the natural beauty of the wider area (In the ‘Crocodile trail most of the route is integrated into the’ NATURA 2000 ‘program

The name of the race as “Crocodile Trail” is as much a cape as it is east of Paleochora Chania and looks like a giant rocky crocodile that swims, but it also has a metaphorical meaning as the profile of the route has 4 very sharp teeth. with those of that particular animal and also because of the fact that the terrain of the path conceals many sharp stones, like teeth. The “Crocodile” of Paleochora is completely immobile and tidy and waits for the visitors of the area to discover its beauties.

The race takes place in Southwest Crete, on the axis of Sougia-Ancient Lissos-Lichnos Lakkos-Ammoutsaki beach-Gialiskari beach (until here on the E4 international trail that connects Sougia with Paleohoudis-Paleochori-Paphos) -Kerries-Mill-Vigles-Paleochora. The total distance of the race is 20.5 km and the positive altitude difference +1.200 meters. On the same day, a 1,500 meter race will be held in a mixed race – surprise for elementary and high school students.

The race will take place alongside the Halloween / Clean Monday three-day events traditionally taking place in Paleochora. The events begin Saturday afternoon with the parade of tanks and King Carnival. The race will be held on Sunday morning, with King Carnival burning, throwing candles and a Halloween party with lots of dancing and music in the central hall of the Municipality. On Clean Monday we celebrate the kelps and the kite flying on the numerous beaches.

We are looking forward to spending an unforgettable weekend in the beautiful Paleochora of Chania with lots of fun, dancing, sports, relaxation and fun.

Following is the regulation of the Race, the observance of which guarantees its proper functioning and the safety of the participating athletes.



Saturday 29/02/2019:

18: 00-21: 00 Menouto sport store in Paleochora

Sunday 01/03/2019:

07:30 Departure of Athletes Transport from Paleochora to Sougia (about 1 hour drive)

08: 00-09: 00 Secretariat function in Sougia for delivery of participation package only to athletes who were unable to receive it the previous day and after being informed about the event

09:30 Start race from Sougia

11:30 Time limit for last athlete to cross the Gialiskari Station (10.0km)

11:40 First athlete arrives at the finish

13:00 Start of the “Crocodile” race for elementary, high school and high school students

14:30 Race Closing Time-Athletes Awards-Closing Race


In this fight, we act as intermediaries! This means that we do not have only the subscriptions and charge a small fee for our service. The organizer will normally receive your registration through our system and you will receive confirmation from our site and from the organizer! In case the registrations are closed or there is another problem with the registration, the registration fee will be refunded (service fee will be deducted). If the race is canceled, then the organizer is solely responsible for managing the registration money.

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Crocodile trail 2020 - 20,5km 20.00

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