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ERCHIEON ROAD RACE 2022 - 10km 12.00

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ERCHIEON ROAD RACE 2022 - 3km 5.00

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ERCHIEON ROAD RACE 2022 - 3km Walking 2.00

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The Sports Organization of the Municipality of Spata – Artemida “ARTEMIS” and the Municipality of Spata – Artemida, announce the Road Race of Spata 10km and 3km. “ERCHIEON ROAD RACE 2022”.

A wonderful race in Spata among in olive groves and vineyards, on the afternoon of Sunday 26/6. Cool water, bananas, electronic timing, technical t-shirt, medals, and awards are only some of the reasons to be there!

Date of the event: 26/06/2022      Start time: 18:00

Detailed events:

  • 10km with electronic timing,
  • 3km with mass participation for adults and children (accompanied by a parent or guardian),
  • 3km walking

Start – Finish: Location “FAGIA” in Spata (near the church of Apostles Peter and Paul).


10 km Race Route Information: The 10 km route is a one-way roundabout, almost flat in height (± 30m). It passes through the plain of Spata, crossing mainly olive groves and vineyards, with mixed terrain: – On asphalt roads 3,830m (approximately 38% of the route) – On dirt roads 6,170m (approximately 62% of the route). The dirt terrain is passable, and no special trail shoe is required. There will be refueling stations along the way.

There will also be signage and intermediate electronic timing.

All participants will be given a commemorative medal and awarding first places!!


Mass – Children 3 km race: Ten minutes after the start of the 10 km race (18:10) will start the mass race 3 km (adults and children aged 7 and over accompanied by a parent or guardian) who will be held in the first 3 kilometers of the long route!

All participants will be given a commemorative medal and awarding first places!


3 km walking: Along with the start of the 3 km race (18:20) will start the 3 km walking race (adults and children accompanied by a parent or guardian) which will be held in the first 3 km of the long route!


Sunday 26 June 2022

  • 17:30 pm technical briefing.
  • 18:00 pm start of the 10 km race.
  • 18:10 pm start of the 3 km race.
  • 18:20 pm start of the 3 km walking.
  • 20:30 Awards.

Race Secretariat: The race secretariat will start operating near the start point of the race at 17.00.

Entry fee

The entry fee in the 10 km race until 31/5 is € 12.00 and after the end of this date and until the end of the registrations is € 15.00, for the 3 km race is € 5.00 and for the 3 km walking is € 2.00.

End of registrations: 24/6/2022.

Entries beyond this date will not be accepted. The registrations are submitted only electronically. Registering indicates the full acceptance of the terms of this announcement.

The participation of each athlete is completed by filling in the electronic registration form and on-site payment using a card (credit or debit) at

General rules

An electronic timing will be available at the 10 and 3 km races. Participants who do not confirm their participation before the start of each event will not be considered in the electronic timing. Also, if an athlete does not bring his number, he will not be eligible to participate. The electronic timing chip is mandatory.


Participant benefits for 10km race

Participation in the race with:

– electronic individual timing

– water supply

– technical t-shirt with the race logo

– commemorative medal

– participation diploma

– banana

– live results

– Awards



Athletes are required to fully respect the rules of the events. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the judges of the event. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions always carries the penalty of exclusion. The judges of the event, when they notice violations of the rules, record them, and inform the violators. Any other authorized person from the event could also record any violation and submit it for examination to the Race Committee.


The official results of the event will be made public as soon as they are handed over to the organizing committee by the person in charge of conducting the electronic timing and the existing objections are resolved, whose decisions are not in dispute.

External Assistance

Any external assistance, as well as the use of any motorized assistive device is prohibited. The use of maps, compass, GPS, or mobile phone is allowed. Any outside help to the athletes from anyone is allowed, only at the fueling stations. It is not allowed to accompany any participant by persons not registered to the event. If any assistance to an athlete is reported, he is punished with exclusion.

Athletes Support

Throughout the race there will be assistance should anyone wishes to leave the race.

Tips – Behavior

It is advisable for each athlete to:

– Advise a weather report a day before the race to properly prepare his clothing and equipment for the day of the race.

– Receive the bib number, in time.

– Take care to check the water supply points and to check if he needs to carry his own supplies.

– Has his attention on the markings during the race. Turn back the same way he headed should he misses a point along the way, until he finds the correct path.

– We respect nature and our athletes: We do not throw rubbish outside the designated checkpoints.

– We respect our teammates when we are in a tight spot. We just ask them to make room for us in a polite way. When one moves slowly and slows down the athletes who follow him, he must step aside and give room to the fastest ones.

– We help if we see someone injured or going the wrong way. We report to a person from the event or a volunteer if there is an injury event.

– Do not leave the race without first informing the organizer or the nearest judge in person.

– Do not disturb the timers asking for results while the race is in progress.

– Do not move cars during the race and on the racetrack. There are athletes continuing the race, and we deprive them of their safety.


The only penalty imposed on all offenses & violations of the regulation, is the cancellation of participation or expulsion of the athlete, depending on the time of the offense.

Amendment of announcement

The organizers reserve the right to modify this announcement and for any change there will be timely information of the athletes (event site, Facebook page, e-mail to those already registered).

Medical examination of participants & Medical coverage

The medical condition and the possibility of participation of the participants in the event is their responsibility. The organizers are obliged to provide medical assistance to an emergency medical event during the participants in collaboration with a medical team to be trained.

In any case, the runners must be in good health, have recently undergone medical examinations and their participation will be at their own risk!

A necessary condition for participation in the event is that they have been preceded by a medical examination by a specialized doctor or their team doctor, within one (1) year from the date of the event. The above is proven for each person with a doctor’s certificate (physician-cardiologist, general practitioner).

Participation in the event is possible only for adults by submitting a medical certificate from the participant to the secretariat of the event.

Participation in the juvenile event is done only by electronically completing the corresponding registration form at and the medical secret or a copy of a sports card signed by a club doctor and a responsible participation statement signed by their guardian is submitted to the secretariat of the event.

The organizers are responsible for the appointment and presence of nursing staff during the event.



The Organization and its collaborators retain the copyright of the photography and filming of the race by authorized teams undertaking this work. Every athlete whose application is accepted, automatically accepts this condition, knowing that his face can appear in photos or videos, without being asked for permission and without being able to claim any compensation from any publication.

Liability Disclaimer

The organizers are not responsible for the death, injury, or any damage to the health of the competing athletes. Athletes applying for participation state that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the respective events and assure that their state of health is good and allows them to compete and have recently been examined by a doctor for this issue.

Health protocols

The organizer, as well as the participants, are obliged to comply with the health protocols, for which all participants will be informed by personal mail via email.

Ecological Consciousness – Garbage

It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other solid or liquid food packaging material that athletes consume during the event. At each filling station there is a special plastic garbage bag, as well as at designated points.



For group registrations and special prices for participation of more than 8 people, contact

We are waiting for you this year in the beautiful Spata to run together!


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