The first Greek Multisport Championship

Starting for “The League Experience”, a Multisport Championship of international standards, held for the first time in Greece. The games will start on May 22 from Anavyssos and end on October 2 in the Saronic Gulf.

The multisport events include 3 events (Andros, Eretria and Saronic) while the swimming ones include 4 events (Zen, Andros, Eretria and Saronic).

The participating athletes will collect points from the events that will take part and will have the opportunity to claim cash prizes, gift certificates or discounts.

“The League Experience” is now a reality. It is a big thank you of the people of SwimmingClub.gr to the thousands of athletes who participated in the last 6 years in our sporting events. It is a great reward for the trust they show us and the honor they give us, so that we become even better. This is how the idea was born and this year we present “The League Experience” for the first time in Greece and we are very proud that we can start it this year “.

Words by Nikos Simantiras, representative of SwimmingClub.gr and inspirer of “The League Experience” who continued:

“Participants will have the opportunity to collect the same points depending on the position they gain from all the races. This is intended to treat everyone equally, because one athlete finds the Andros Experience (hilly) cycling route easier and another Saronic experience (flat). Apart from triathlon they collect points from swimming (4 races) and Aquathlon (3 races). The championship aims to increase the games, the places that are awarded and the increase of the cash prizes. It is something that Greek athletes will experience for the first time and we believe that they will embrace the idea just as we embraced it and adopted it as a team “.

For the first 8 of the final ranking of “The League Experience” there are cash prizes. From the 1st to the 3rd place the money is cash, from the 4th to the 8th it is in gift vouchers from the supporters of the championship. In case someone wants to register in the league without getting into the trajectory of the scoring process, you have the great benefit of the discount and other facilities.

The detailed program of the matches of “The League Experience”:

  • 22.05.2022 / Αναβυσσος / Anavyssos Experience
  • 18-19.06.2022 / Andros / Andros Experience
  • 17-18.09.2022 / Eretria / Eretria Experience
  • 01-02.10.2022 / Saronic / Saronic Experience

The beginning of the registrations will start on February 07 and the end of the registrations will be on April 29, 2022, while those interested for more information can visit the site of the team www.swimmingclub.gr


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