On September 21, 2019 (afternoon), Filiatra Run is being held for the 3rd consecutive year.
The event includes routes of 21 km, 10 km, 5 km and 1 km (for children).
Unique natural beauty paths alongside the deep blue waters of the Ionian Sea (and within the forest) and the hospitable mood of the local community and organizers will make the “Filiatra Run 2019″ another unique experience for everyone.
A special mention is worthwhile on the 21 km route, which is beautiful, as most of it crosses the coastal front of Filiatra and passes through points of special interest and natural beauty, such as Limenari (seaside settlement), the enchanting beach ” Stomio, the chapel of Agios Christoforos (built on the hollow side of the eastern rock), the riverside forest of Stomios, the Castle of Paramythia, the picturesque seaside settlement of Agrili dominated by Panagia Agriliotissa, which, It was built in the 13th century on the ruins of an ancient temple (probably dedicated to Artemis), with many legends connecting its building with the Byzantine emperor Ioannis Palaiologos the famous Milos. Just before the end of the main square Filiatra, dominated by the elaborate fountain ordered from Florence in 1871 with its feminine figure at its top and the four children’s figures at its base, the 21 km runners will be fortunate to see the model of Tower (26 m) in the northwest entrance of the city, which was created last year at the expense of the homogenous doctor Charalambos Fournarakis, was reconstructed by the Municipality in 2007 and is a reference point for the city, residents and tourist groups visiting the city region.

Awards – Prizes:
21 km: The three (3) first men and the three (3) first women of the overall classification will be awarded, which will not be awarded in the corresponding age categories.
The following age categories will also be awarded:
Up to 39 years old
40 to 49 years old
50 to 59 years old
60 years old and over
Up to 39 years old
40 to 49 years old
50 years & above
10 km: The six (6) first men and the six (6) first women of the overall classification will be awarded.
Route 5 km: The six (6) first men and the six (6) first women of the overall classification will be awarded.

Memorial Medal
Sports t-shirt (for children)

Yamas Ice tea in different flavors
Electronic timing
Support stations
Photo gallery

After finishing, the event will provide a light meal to all participants and then a musical event will take place.

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