The AGM The association “PAUL MELAS FLAMBUROS”, the TOWN COMMUNITY OF FLAMBURS, together with the “ATLOCINISATION – FLOOR” group, in association with the Municipality of Florina and the Florina Antiparticle, organizes 13 and 5 km of mountain runs in Flambouro – Florina.

There will also be a 1,000-meter race for young children.
Road races will be conducted according to the following terms:

1. Date of Games
Saturday 22 June 2019

2. Match Details:
a) 13 km race:
Start time: 17:00
Route description: The route starts from the main square of the village, heading north to the church of Ascension. First of all, the athletes will travel 2 km. a smooth flat road and follow about 1,5 km of positive altitude. Following the road to Nymphaeus, alongside the privately owned “Radosi” forest for a 4 km of flat and mild altitude trail, the competitors are driven through the green forests position – “Farmers” – and the 1st refueling station where there will also be a control station. Finally, the route goes down to the site of Ag. Georgiou, where the 2nd filling station will be located, ending and terminating in the square of the village.

b) 5 km race:
Starting time: 17:05
Route description: The route starts from the main square of the village, heading south to Nymfaion. Initially, the route is asphalt and follows a smooth dirt road with a slight uphill slope, stretching 2.5 km into the green spring forest at the foot of Varnousa, ending in the area of ​​Ag. George, where there will be filling and control stations. The return from the same route ends and ends at the village square.
c) 1,000-meter (children’s) race: The starting point of the child’s race will also be the central square of the village and the finish at the same spot. There is a circular route inside the village and ends at the finish.

3. Right to participate:
– In order to participate in the 13 km race, he must have reached the age of 18 on the day of the match. Minors (over 14 years of age) may participate by submitting a responsible statement from their parents.
– Adults and children with a responsible declaration from their parents can participate in the 5 km
– The children’s race is eligible for participation by children up to 12 years of age (Primary), also bearing a responsible statement from their parents.

4. Distinctions – Prizes:
– Prizes are awarded to the top three winners of the overall classification of men and women on all three (3) routes.
– In all runners that will finish, a commemorative medal will be given.
Upon receipt of the registration number, the participants of the two (2) routes will receive an athlete’s bag with juice, cereal bar and nuts, plus an extra 13 km of magnesium ampoule.
In the children’s race, all young athletes will be given juice and candy and there will be surprises with face painting, gifts, etc.

5. Participation Statements – Ways of Registration – Entry Fee
– Online submissions must be completed by 16/6/2019 at 18:00.
Participation can be registered online by clicking on the form displayed at the following link: or in person at the Gym “ATHLOCKINIS” during its opening hours at the shop of MYLONA Stergiou on Sarantaporou Street, in this delegation / of RENAULT PARISIS SA on November 7th, at the ACS Courier store on Makedonomachon Street, as well as at the Paralagi Active Sport store of Sofia Gaitanidou on Archim. Papathanasiou 3.
– The participation fee is five (5) euros, except for the free race for children.
When registering on-line on the online form, everybody is asked when they enter their details to give a reasonable amount of time to the application to register it in order to avoid double and triple entries.


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