Area: Village of Foloi, Municipality of Olympia, Ilia Prefecture

Date Sunday 22/10/2023 at 09:30.

The Mountaineering Association of Amaliada “Oreivatein” announces the 1st organization of mountain running races of 20 and 10 kilometers as well as a children’s race, in the forest of Foloi in the prefecture of Ilia, under the name FOLOI TRAIL RUN “the gorge” Centa “.

Start and Finish from the village of Foloi in the Municipality of Olympia.

Everyone over the age of 18 has the right to participate in the 20 and 10 km races.

There will be medical coverage in the presence of an ambulance and with the support of the Red Cross.

Entries will be made exclusively through the site of the race


For the race of 20 km 12 euros.
For the 10 km race 10 euros.
Group documents 8 euros per person in whichever race they choose (5 people or more).
– The deposit of the money will be NAMED. Bank deposit and transfer costs, if any, will be borne by the depositor.

– If there is a deposit of money, more than one athlete, the names must be indicated separately.

– Send the receipt to the email: or by message on our page at FACEBOOK Foloitrailrrun.


Account No.: 561-002101-153890
IBAN: GR53 0140 5610 5610 0210 1153 890
LAWYER: George Ch. Kallimanis

Men’s 20 km race: 18 – 29/30 – 40 / 40- 50/50 and above.
Women’s 20 km race: 18 – 29 / 30-40 / 40-50 / 50 and over.
Men’s 10 km race: 18 – 29 / 30-40 / 40-50 / 50 and above.
Women’s 10 km race: 18 – 29/30 – 40 / 40-50 / 50 and over.

There will be electronic timing in the races. All graduates will be given a commemorative medal, a technical T-shirt, a pasta party at the end of the race.


The first three men and the first three women of the General Classification of the two races 20 and 10 km.
The first three and the first three, of all the above categories.
Note: The first 3 – first, General Classification are excluded from the age categories and in order for the category to apply, at least 6 female athletes must participate.

Route 20 km:
90% path in the forest and 10% road
Route 10 km:
90% trail in the forest and 10% trail

The stations will be complete with all the required products: water – isotonic – Cola – salty and sweet, etc.

For environmental reasons, a small bottle of water will NOT be given by the stations. Athletes who want to have water with them during the race (from station to station) should have an individual water tank with them that will be filled at the power stations.

On the 20 km route there will be 4 intermediate refueling stations.

On the 10 km route there will be 2 intermediate refueling stations.

time limits

Time limit of 20 km: six (6) hours and 10 km: three (3) hours.


It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any waste during the journey.


From Patras. The village of Foloi is about 80 km away from the center of Patras. We continue and turn right at the intersection of Foloi.

From Athens. We follow the Olympia road and then the Corinth – Tripoli. We turn to the exit Vytina / Arch. Olympia. We follow a path to Arch. Olympia, turn right at the intersection of Foloi.

Note: If you are using GPS you may see different instructions.


LALAS VILLAGE (in the village of Lalas 15 km from the village of Foloi)


LAMPIA ORI HOTEL (in the village of Divri 13 km from the village of Foloi) 2624081323 and 6944534045

With appreciation and respect

The Organizing Committee of the race

George Kallimanis


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