Gentiki Trail 20km

  • Start time 10:00
  • ROUTE: The race course follows a marked path. The distance is 20 km and the positive altitude + 1370m. GARMIN MAP 20KM STRAVA 20KM MAP
  • REGISTRATIONS: Enrollments will be made electronically at the link below.

Gentiki Trail 5km

  • Start time 10:30
  • ROUTE: 5km (part of the long route) and positive altitude + 250m MAP 5km
  • REGISTRATIONS: Enrollments will be made electronically at the following 5KM REGISTRATION link. The recording status will be shown in the following table 5KM STATUS.


Deadline for registrations is Sunday, February 10, 2019

START: It is 10 km from Larissa to Sykourio. From Larissa-Evangelismos Provincial Road, right after INTERCOMM FOODS. INSTRUCTIONS

PARTICIPATION RIGHT: Athletes who have reached the age of 18 are eligible to participate.

The benefits of the race are:
1. Participation number
2. Commemorative Medal
3. Electronic timing chip
4. Memorable technical t-shirt
5. Water, electrolyte and microwave supplies.

AWARDS: The winners will be awarded at 14:00


Up to 29 Up to 29
30-39 30-39
40-49 40-49
50-59 50+
A prerequisite for becoming an age category is the participation of at least four athletes.
Men’s General, Women’s General
PARTICIPATION NUMBER RECEIVED: Participation numbers will be received at the Club’s offices on Saturday, February 16, 17: 00-19: 00 and Sunday, February 17, at the starting point 8: 00-09: 30.CONTACT-INFORMATION
Apostle Goulas: 6932752733
Offices of N. Larissa Marathon Association
Carlas & Lazaridis, Ag. Georgiou, LarissaREGULATIONS1. GENERAL: Athletes are required to fully comply with the regulations described below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of those in charge. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions will result in the exclusion penalty. When the referees perceive infringements of the rules, the referees record and inform the infringers. Any other person authorized by the organization may also record any infringement which he has perceived and submit it to the Race Committee for examination.2. TIME LIMITS:
The 20km race closes at 15:00 ie 5 hours after the 20km start. There will be two intermediate points-time limits in the race. The points of exclusion were defined for the safety of the athletes themselves and for the proper conduct of the race. Those athletes who fail to pass these points at the times mentioned are considered void and can continue the race only on their own responsibility and after handing over their number to the station referees.
The 1st blocking time is at the top in 1 hour and 45 minutes, that is 11:45, while the 2nd blocking time is in the middle of the route at 2:30 hours.
Exclusion thresholds are common to all categories of athletes, regardless of gender and age. After the time specified, the stations continue to record the athletes but as outdated, and the athletes arriving there are required to provide their number. Athletes who wish can continue the race out of competition and at their own risk, having in any case delivered their number first. Finally, for a finish to be considered normal, it must be done by 14:30, for both men and women, of all categories. Those athletes who finish out of time will be presented in the official results as “abandoned”.

3. ATHLETIC NUMBER: Each athlete bears the race number (bib) on it, which he is required to wear on a prominent spot on the front of his shirt. The number must remain unbroken throughout the race, thus concealing any information on the number (sponsors, logos, etc.). Substantial alteration of the number, which may confuse the stations’ record holders, is punishable by exclusion.

4. ROUTE MARKING: The route marking posted by the Organization is temporary, intended to serve the athletes and will be removed after the race.

5. WASTE DISPOSAL: It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any objects along the way, such as plastic bottles or any solid or liquid food packaging material used by athletes during the race. There is a special plastic garbage bag at each feed station. All athletes are required to throw trash into the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste anywhere on the route beyond the predetermined, carries a penalty of exclusion.

6. TRAFFIC TRAFFIC: Athletes are required to move on the trail without forming groups that extend in width, thus preventing athletes who would like to overtake. When an athlete is warned that he has to make an edge to overtake, he must remain on the uphill (inner) side of the slope.

7. FOODSTUFFS: The event is dedicated to providing athletes with five points of support.

8. COMPULSORY EQUIPMENT: Athletes are not required to provide compulsory equipment. However, they are recommended to have glasses, a hat or hat, gloves and a windscreen. Abandonment of equipment along the route at station points is the responsibility of the athlete.

9. SHORT-TERM SHORTNESS: Shortening (cutting) the route is prohibited and excluded. Each competitor has the responsibility and is obliged to carefully monitor the warning signs on specific sections of the trail that indicate a forbidden cut / run.

10. CONTROL POINTS: The Power Stations are at the same time Control Points. Athletes are required to have their number clearly displayed so that the judges can record them. If an athlete wears a windscreen jacket, he should arrive at the Control Station to make sure his number is displayed. Refusing to show the number means exclusion. Any athlete who does not pass through a Control Station is considered invalid.

11. COMPLAINTS: Appeals for any reason are made only by the athlete himself, at the latest 30 minutes after the end. The Resolution Committee, composed of the Race Manager, members of the Technical Committee and responsible marshals in the area of ​​responsibility of which the incident was recorded, shall be issued at the latest by the time of award and shall be final.

12. SAFETY: The Commission undertakes to supervise the race with specialized personnel on safety, rescue and medical assistance to athletes in need. In cases where security personnel and judges indicate to athletes that they must change direction for safety reasons, athletes are obliged to obey. Non-compliance means exclusion.

13. ROUTE MODIFICATION / DELAY: If necessary (extremely dangerous weather conditions), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route or even postpone the start for a short period of time so as not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.

14. RESULTS: The official (definitive) results of the race are made public several days after the race in order to cross-check the data and make the necessary checks.

15. AWARDS: All athletes will be awarded medals.
Cups will be given to the first three men and the first three women in the general category and to the first men and women of all ages.

16. PENALTIES: The only penalty applicable to all violations & violations of a regulation is exclusion / expulsion. It is required: 1) track pollution, 2) shortcuts track cuts), 3) inappropriate behavior towards athletes and competition staff, 4) loss of athlete number and any unsportsmanlike behavior.

17. DISCLAIMER: The N. Larissa Marathon Association and the race organizers are not responsible for the deaths, injuries or any damage to the health of the contestants who, by submitting their application, declare that they know the environment and are aware of the dangers that their health condition is good and allows them to fight, and they have recently been examined by a doctor on this issue. However, no athlete will be required to provide a medical certificate. Athletes themselves are required to undergo regular medical screening to check their health. The N. Larissa Marathon Association and the race organizers disclaim any responsibility for the physical integrity of the athletes, who should behave responsibly in areas of the track where the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal consequences is increased.

18. MODIFICATION OF RULES: The organizers reserve the right to modify the rules of the race without prior notice.




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