The Loutraki Mountaineering Club announces this event on Sunday, April 12, 2020:

– The 6th “Geraneia Trail Race” 22 km
– The 4th “Peraia Chora Trail Race” 10 km

The starting point and finishing of the games is the Loutraki Peace Beach.

These are two popular sports competitions and are aimed at those who have incorporated sport into their lifestyles.
The purpose of the event is to highlight mountain running and dynamic walking as an activity, to entertain and promote the health of the participants.

The starting point and ending of the routes is the Loutraki Peace Beach.

The 22km Geraneia Trail Race is one of the most beautiful and interesting routes in Greece.
It follows the paths of shepherds and ranchers, through a pine forest to the ridge that crosses under the shade of fir to the 3rd feed station and downhill to St. Patapios Monastery to enter the old path they used to communication with the monastery.
92% of the route is a trail, the highest point of 1,056 meters and a positive altitude of 1380m.

The Peraia Chora Trail Race is a 10 km route starting from the sea, the highest point being 335 meters and a positive altitude of 400 meters.
In the first part of the route, the path, with a gentle uphill slope, runs on the ancient abandoned road with magnificent retaining walls and magnificent views, while returning from the path of Osios Patapios. The route runs along its entire length

Information about the race and the routes can be found at the event’s website:

The start will be at 09.00 for 22km and 09.10 for the 10km
The time allowed for the 22 km finish is strictly 5 hours and for the 10 km 2 hours. In addition, every athlete on the track will end at his or her own risk.

For this race we are acting as intermediates! This means that we do not have the exclusivity for the race’s registrations and we charge you a small fee for our services. The organizer will receive your registration though our system and you will receive both ours and the organizer’s registration receipts! In the case that registrations are closed or any other problem appears, we will return the registration fee back to you (minus the service fee). In the case that the race is cancelled, the race organizer will be responsible for the fee handling. 

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Geraneia Trail Race 2020 - 22km 11.50

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Geraneia Trail Race 2020 - “Peraia Chora Trail Race” 10 km 11.50

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