“Road of Heroes of Kilkis” 10,500m

Health Road 4,800m

Children’s Race – Disabled 1,000 m.


The Association of Health Runners of Kilkis, with the support of the Municipality and the Regional Unit of Kilkis, in the context of the events for the liberation of the city organizes races called “Road of Heroes of Kilkis” 10,500 meters long, Health Road 4,800 meters and children.

The races will take place on Sunday 26 June 2022 and those interested can search for information and register for one of the above races on the website of the event:

General elements

Starting point: Town Hall Square – Town Hall

Place of finish: Town Hall Square – Town Hall

Date of the event: Sunday 26 June 2022

Starting Hours:

– Start time 10.5 km 10:00

– Starting time 4.8km 10:15

– Start time of children’s race 11:00

Award Hours:

– Heroes Street – Health Street 11:30

The prizes will be awarded in the Town Hall Square.


Heroes Road 10.5 km

The route of Heroes Road is mixed with 6.5 km of asphalt and 4 km of passable dirt road. After leaving G. Kapeta on the 21st of June, we follow it to the western exit of the city (stadium) and then to Iroon. We enter the dirt road and after making a counterclockwise circle of about 4 kilometers on the dirt roads around the site of the monument we return following the same route until the finish at the City Hall.


Health Road 4.8 km.

The route of the Health and Dynamic Walking Road 4.8 km is completely asphalt. After leaving G. Kapeta on the 21st of June, we follow it to the western exit of the city (stadium) and then to Iroon. Just before we reach the entrance, and having covered about 2,500 meters we return with a reversal following the same route until the finish at the City Hall.


The time of completion of the Health Road is set at 11:30 pm, 75 minutes after the start of the race.

1,000 m. Children’s race – disabled

The route of 1,000 m. Is completely asphalt and follows a course of 500 meters to the city and return to the starting point (City Hall).


The applications for the roads of 10,500 and 4,800 meters, will be made mandatory through the website of the race, at the address: by filling in the respective registration form. In order for the registration to be considered complete, the process on the relevant registration platform must be completed.


Especially for the Children’s race 1,000 m., The participation applications can be made by electronic submission on the website of the event, by filling in the corresponding registration form.

In case someone can not complete his registration electronically for various reasons, he can contact Mr. Poudouris Panagiotis at tel. 6937 359334 or Mr. Avramoglou Kyriakos at tel. 6938 885888.

Athletes are kindly requested to register in time, for the best preparation of the event.


The cost of participation for the races is:

10,500 meters race: 10 euros. Includes: Commemorative gift (technical T shirt) of the race, medal, electronic timing, snacks at the gas station and at the finish.

Road 4.8 km: 5 euros. Includes: Commemorative gift of the race (technical T shirt), medal, electronic timing, snack at the finish.

Children’s Race 1000 m. Cave Road: Free (All children will be given a medal and a snack at the finish)


Athletes over the age of 18 can participate in the competitions. Younger athletes can participate, with the signed consent of their guardians.

Athletes up to 12 years old (born up to 2010) can participate in the children’s race.

All athletes are responsible for their physical integrity and comply with the rules of the race. Participants are advised to have recently undergone a medical examination. Upon completion of the online registration, they accept the terms of participation and assume the responsibility of participating in the race in relation to their state of health.


The timing of the athletes who will participate in the 10.5 and 4.8 mm races will be electronic. The registration of the athletes will take place at the start and at the finish.

Attention: Athletes who do not have the timing chip provided or are not registered at the checkpoints will not be included in the finishers.

The entry number should be displayed in a visible place, so that the judges can record them without any problems and delays.


The numbers will be received

– On Saturday 25/6 hours 18: 00-21: 00 in the Town Hall Square Recommended to athletes from Kilkis but also to those who can receive their participation package on Saturday for their own convenience and the organization.

-On Sunday 26/6 at the start of the race from the secretariat, from 7:30 am until 15 minutes before the start.


The delivery of the personal belongings of the athletes until 9:45 am, at the starting point. There will also be locker rooms at the start and finish area.


10.5 km race:

Awarding will be given to the first 3 athletes of the General classification and to the first 3 of each category who will be given cups and souvenirs.

We point out that the completion of a category is conditional on the participation of at least 3 athletes / three

Commemorative medals will be given to all athletes who will finish, as well as a participation package that will include souvenirs.

Health Road – dynamic walking 4.8 km. :

Awards will be given to the first three athletes in the men’s category and to the first three winners in the women’s category.

Commemorative medals will be given to all athletes who will finish as well as a participation package that will include souvenirs.

1,000m children’s race:

Medals will be given to all children who finish.


“Road of Heroes” 10.5 km

Men: 18-30, 31-50.51 +

Women: 18-30, 31-50, 51+

In case there will be no athletes in a category (at least 3), it is transferred to the immediately previous one.

Health-Dynamic Walking Road Kilkis Run 4.8 km.

Men: General

Women: General


“Road of Heroes” 10.5 km

1st station at 5 km (water-isotonic-snack).

4.8 km Road to Health

1 station at 2.5 mm with water.

first aid

There will be support from the Greek Police, and the “Samaritan” department of the Red Cross.

There will be a doctor at the start and finish, with the care of the Kilkis Health Runners Association.

Contact info

facebook: Kilkis Health Runners Association-SDK Kilkis




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