Attica, Peloponnese

Join and experience the unique experience of the top mountain race!
Hydra is all known as an architectural wonder with enormous history but at the same time with a distinct cosmopolitan character.

The peculiarity of the natural environment, the wild beauty of the mountains and its virgin steep paths with spectacular sea views are the qualities that give it yet another reason to explore it. For all of us, who love nature and want to experience the real limits of our resistance, we are again organizing a two-day racing season which has already “rattled the waters” of the mountain struggles and gave everyone a chance to live close to a unique experience!

“HYDRA’S TRAIL EVENT” is now an event and promises to offer tension and a lot of action. From the total of five routes, the “Eros mountain trail” race, a 26.3 km long course with a positive altitude of 1.400m, stands out, while the downhill is the Downhill race, the only downhill race in Greece.

Welcome to the games of Hydra. Explore the wild beauty of our island, explore its highly mountainous paths and experience unique moments of racing!

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