Attica, Peloponnese
“HYDRA’S TRAIL EVENT – RUNNING RACE” is now a fact and promises to deliver intensity and plenty of action.
Out of the five routes, the race is named “Eros mountain trail”, a 26.3km positive altitude 1,400m, while the original of the two-day race is the Downhill race, the only downhill race in Greece.
Welcome to the Hydra Games. Explore the wild beauty of our island, explore its special mountain paths and experience unique racing moments!Ero’s Mountain Trail – A 26.3 km trail with a positive altitude of 1400 m.Rock Race – Sunday’s short track. Distance 13.14 km with a positive altitude of 600 m.Downhill – The only downhill race in Greece! The fastest race in mountain running!Run & Fun – A really fun ride that belongs to the city trail category. Ideal for the athlete to get acquainted with the urban fabric of Hydra. Distance 4.7 km with a positive altitude of 156 m.Junior’s Mini Race – The route for young children is designed to be safe and enjoyable for young athletes. It is also ideal for parents who want to watch the effort and get their kids excited about their sporting start.


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