The Athletic Association “Olympic Academy of Igoumenitsa” organizes triathlon, children’s triathlon, swimming, Aquathlon, for men and women on Saturday 4 June and Sunday 5 June 2022 in the Municipal Department of Plataria of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa.

Saturday 4 June 2022

Ionian Sea Swimm: time 08:30 – 750m, time 09:00 – 1900m & 3800m.

Ionian Aquathlon: time 08:30 – 750m swimming and 4000m running.

Ionian Sea Kids Triathlon: 10:00 (children up to 14 years old).

PRIMARY SCHOOL CHILDREN 50m swimming 1500m bike 400m running, HIGH SCHOOL CHILDREN 200m swimming 4500m bike 1250m running. Awards at 11:00

Conference at 19:40 on “Triathlon Swimming” Christos Garefis will answer all the questions of the triathlon swimmers and will give tips for the best performance in the water


Sunday 05 June 2022

Half Triathlon Distance: 1.9Km Swimming, 90Km Cycling and 21Km Running. Start time: 07:00 a.m.

Olympic Triathlon Distance: 1.5Km Swimming, 43Km Cycling and 10Km Running.
Start time: 07:40 a.m.

Awards at 13:00 p.m.
Attention: In the above competitions there are also team participations (RELAY)


The races start with the swimming competition which will be held in a marked sea area of ​​the beach of Plataria, with the support of vessels and a lifeguard team.

Next is the bicycle race, which will start from the coastal zone of Plataria, where the Change Zone will be located, in the direction of Parga (Old National Road Igoumenitsa – Athens).

The reversal for the Half Triathlon Distance takes place at the 22nd kilometer from the Change Zone (Kalodiki Observatory).

The reversal for the Olympic Triathlon Distance takes place at the 22nd kilometer from the Change Zone (Kalodiki observatory).

The route of the bicycles is closed for the traffic of vehicles except the accompanying vehicles and the vehicles – motorcycles of the Greek Police. The route is characterized by moderate difficulty with mild altitude differences and is entirely on asphalt road.

(In case of EMERGENCY for the movement of a vehicle, the vehicle will be accompanied by a vehicle – motorcycle of the Greek Police.

The races are completed with the running race, which will start from the Change Zone, in the same direction as the bicycle with a reversal of 5Km and 10.5Km respectively for each race.
The route is characterized as easy on level ground with mainly asphalt road and zero altitude differences.

The finish of each race will take place in a suitably designed area with a finish arch in the area of ​​the coastal zone of D.D. Πλαταριάς.

The route plans will be posted on our website www.ilportotriathlon.gr and on our official Facebook page ionianseatri.


Participants must be at least 18 years old, ie born in 2004 at the latest and have a medical certificate of participation or be an active athlete in the sport.

Exceptionally and only with the approval of the Organizing Committee, athletes – born in the years 2005 and 2006 can participate in only one of the competitions of the team competition (swimming or cycling or running), provided that they have in addition to the medical certificate , in addition to the responsible declaration of parental consent which they will present to the secretariat when confirming their participation.

Explicit notice: No athlete or athlete will take part in the 2nd IONIAN SEA TRI without presenting to the secretariat his / her medical certificate or the considered individual triathlon athlete card. In any such case the payment of the participation amount is not refundable, but will receive the remaining benefits.

Registrations are open from Thursday 13/01/2022 and end on Wednesday 01/06/2022, at 08.00 pm.

Entries beyond this date will not be accepted.

The application for participation in the competitions is submitted electronically. Its submission indicates the full acceptance of the terms of this announcement.

It is necessary to indicate the NAME of each athlete who will take part in an individual event and the name of one of the three athletes who will take part in a team event, in the corresponding entry form that will be posted on our website.

CAUTION!!! The NAME that you will declare during your registration will be printed on your number as well.

Participations – Participation Costs

Ionian Sea Kids Triathlon – Cost 5,00€

Ionian Sea Swim – Ionian Sea Aquathlon
13/01/2022 – 01/06/2022 15 €
Individual Half Ionian Sea Triathlon Distance
13/01/2022 – 28/02/2022 60 €
01/03/2022 – 24/05/2022 75 €
25/05/2022 – 01/06/2022 90 €
Individual Olympic Ionian Sea Triathlon Distance
13/01/2022 – 28/02/2022 35 €
01/03/2022 – 24/05/2022 45 €
25/05/2022 – 01/06/2022 50 €
Relay Half Ionian Sea Triathlon Distance
13/01/2022 – 09/05/2022 100 €
10/05/2022 – 01/06/2022 120 €
Relay Olympic Ionian Sea Triathlon Distance
13/01/2022 – 09/05/2022 80 €
10/05/2022 – 01/06/2022 100 €

In group registrations, (total deposit) over ten people there is a 10% discount.
For those who have registered for the Triathlon, their participation on Saturday at the Ionian Sea Swim is only € 5.00.

The deposit of the participation amount must be made within 3 working days from the date of registration of participation of each one. Any bank expenses are borne exclusively by the depositor.
In order to validate the participation, the amount must be deposited in the Bank:

IBAN GR : GR6201724030005403088270423

The participation, which has been financially settled, is considered valid.

Athlete who registers and does not attend the race is not entitled to a refund, except for sending the benefits of the 2nd IONIAN SEA TRI under the responsibility of the organizing committee within five working days of the race.

In case of cancellation or postponement of the race, the participation fee will be refunded in full within 15 days.

Participant benefits:

– Participation in the race with electronic individual timing.
– Participation in the Pasta Party.
– Personal backpack (half distance).
– Plastic entrance bracelet in the area of ​​bicycle bases, which will be guarded by Security.
– Individual storage box for athletes’ personal belongings.
– Water supply.
– Technical T-shirt with the logo of the race and sponsors.
– Commemorative medal, Diploma of participation.
– Individual sandwich, beer, cereal bar, banana etc.
– Isotonic drink.
– Photographic Material of races (from 3 Drones, 6 micro cameras, 3 photographers)
– Update results by Email


The Secretariat will operate at the Old Town Hall of D.D. Platarias, on Friday 03/06/2022 from 17:00 to 21:00 and on Saturday 04/06/2022 from 08:00 to 20:00.

Categories – Awards

There will be prizes in each race per gender and age category, as well as in addition to these, following a decision of the organizing committee, with timely information to all participants.

General terms – Liabilities

Athletes are required to fully respect the rules of the competition. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the judges of the match. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions always carries the penalty of exclusion. The judges of the match, when they notice violations of the rules, record them and inform the violators. Any other authorized person from the event has the opportunity to also record any violation that comes to his notice and submit it for examination to the Race Committee.

In the cycling part, the regulations of the EOP apply.

1. For the participation of a minor, a responsible declaration of a guardian will be required.
2. In swimming, the event cap is mandatory.
3. The athlete must wear the helmet before taking the bike.
4. Athletes do not receive outside help anywhere, not even in the change zone. 5. The participation number must be worn by the runner in front, the cyclist in the saddle and the helmet.
6. The presence of athletes in the technical briefing is mandatory.
7. All baton changes are made in the change zone next to the bike by the two people while the third member is outside the change zone.

Route Marking:

For cyclists there will be information signage of the route every 10,000 m.
For the runners there will be information signage of their route at 2,500m, 5,000m, 7,500m and 10,500m where there will be tables to feed the athletes.

Medical Assistance:

The races will be attended by doctors, an equipped ambulance and first aid volunteers.


Objections for any reason are made only by the athlete himself, no later than one (1) hour after the finish.


The official results of the race will be made public as soon as they are handed over to the organizing committee by the person in charge of conducting the electronic timing and the existing objections are resolved, whose decisions are not in dispute.


The only penalty imposed on all offenses & violations of the regulation, is the cancellation of participation or expulsion of the athlete, depending on the time of the offense.

Liability Disclaimer:

The organizers are not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competing athletes.
In addition, the Organizing Committee has provided group insurance for all athletes – three.

Athletes applying for participation state that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the respective races and assure that their health condition is good and allows them to compete, and they have recently been examined by a doctor for this issue.


The Organization and its collaborators retain the copyright of the photography and filming of the match by authorized teams undertaking this work. Every athlete whose application is accepted, automatically accepts this condition, knowing that his face can appear in photos or videos, without being asked for permission and without being able to claim any compensation from any publication.

Other Topics:

The organizing committee has the possibility to modify this announcement by simultaneously informing the already registered athletes.


For clarifications on this announcement only, you can contact us electronically at the address: ionianseatri@gmail.com and at the phones: 6936157854 Nikos Karagiannis // 6959999221 Angelos Bandios.


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