Social Cooperative Enterprise

(Network of trails)

“The Aenaon – neverest”


We were born and live in a place where beauty overflows and history demonstrates our primordial memories.

We rushed to keep the memory alive. We wanted, in spite of the times, to overcome ourselves and the gloom, which for years weighs like a shadow on us, and to move forward. With the participation of all those who are interested and feel a living part of this place. Because our place is people who travel with memory in the long, long history and in a gifted nature.


Virtue, morality, ethics, education, culture, philosophy, poetry, theater, science and democracy were born here to show us how to walk in life. Here, too, we saw the first light and decided to honor our existence by staying. With only concern, not survival, but Ev zin, the perfect combination of us and nature.

We will keep this place a monument, alive, because we understand that it is wronged, so stubbornly in the silence that we keep it.

A place, a combination of natural beauty, reflected in geological formations, landscape changes, rich flora, fauna, history, memory, and harmonious coexistence of human activities, as seen in the architecture of homes, customs, traditions and culture.

A prefecture actively alive… A country full of action…

Here’s what we deserve to become! Only with a lot of work is it possible. We were never afraid of her…

The Social Cooperative Enterprise (Koin.S.Ep Trail Network) “To Aenaon – neverest”, was founded with central axes – objectives: Culture, Environment and Agri-food.

The whole of life fits into these three elements, as we would like to shape it. With a sustainable sustainable perspective in a mild form of tourism that takes into account and respects people, place, nature, culture, history, tradition, with an emphasis on alternative tourism and the creation of a network of trails that will highlight them.

Our goal is a lively place, full of actions and activities.

We want sports to be an important part of the social life and education of young people. We believe that the health of the body goes hand in hand with mental and spiritual health and is achieved through exercise and a healthy diet.

We walk with the kind support of the Regional Unit and the Municipality of Kastoria.

We are here … And we will always be here …

We have a memory and the eyes of our soul are open. We will not stop trying, looking for what unites and not what divides and drives people away…

That is why, as part of our effort to highlight the beautiful and valuable for all areas of our prefecture by charting and then certifying trails, we are organizing a series of mountain running races, the Kastoria Trails.

Three races in different fields with distances of 10 and 25 km.

  • On June 5 in Kastoria, the race “Kastoria View Trail Running
  • On July 3 in the Municipality of Nestori, in Grammos, the race “Grammos Alpine Hard Trail Race
  • On October 10 in Ontria of the Municipality of Argos Orestiko, the “Ontria Trail Race“.

We believe that these three races will contribute to the acquaintance with the trails, to the promotion of their beauty and the whole area.


Nikolas Mertzanidis, President “The Aenaon – neverest”


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