Those interested are kindly requested to proceed with their registration immediately, in order to secure their place in the race, as there will be NO registrations on the day of the race!

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The race includes three routes, one of 27 km, one of 12 km and a route of 44.5 km with the name “Lailias Marathon Trail”, all in the green and beautiful mountain mass of Lailias Serres! Those interested can submit their applications electronically, by filling in their details through the special platform of our website

For another year, based on the safety of the athletes and the smooth operation of the games, it was decided to set a participation limit in each route, as follows: 100 participants for the 44.5km route 100 participants for the 27km route 120 participants for the 12km route

We kindly ask those runners who are interested to take part, to complete the process by April 29, which is the deadline for registrations, as no extension or registration will be allowed on the day of the race. We are waiting for you to live and share once again the experience of mountain running in our favorite Lailia!

Lailias Mountain Running Team

Karametsos Christos: 6974032062

Sfitis Nikolaos: 6997015070

Haitidis Apostolos: 6936639901

Deleferis Markos: 6946645658


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