The Lake Doxa race is now an institution ..

We are transported to one of the most beautiful places in Greece, in Mount Corinth, on Lake Doxa.

750m swim, 21km bike and 4,800m run overlooking the peaks of Ziria and Helmos. An experience for everyone from beginner to more experienced triathlete, in individual and group categories, just 2 hours from Athens.

A special feature of the race is the afternoon time, which allows participants to come on the same day and race in cool temperatures for the season.

The event takes place around the lake and the road is closed to vehicles. The use of a wetsuit will be allowed if the water is below 24 degrees, which is most often the case.

The swimming path is triangular and starts in the water, follows the 5-lap bike (4,200m round) and finishes with a running lap, opposite to cycling.

The beauty of the area and the proximity to the two major urban centers of Athens and Patras make Lake Doxa a destination not only for athletes. Every year, spectators, friends and families come to applaud the athletes’ efforts and enjoy the breathtaking scenery!


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