Central Greece


Welcome to LOST TRAIL, the “Lost Path” of Olympus!

The beauty of the forgotten paths of the “mountain of the gods”, those who walk less than the others, did not leave us unmoved, as we crossed them in recent years. Wanting to highlight the beauty of the route of the first and biggest race of the event, the Olympus Mythical Trail, which unfortunately athletes cross in the dark of night, we decided to create the LOST TRAIL. A race that shows the greatness and beauty of the Olympus Mythical Trail in the light of day! We chose the most beautiful side of Olympus, the one that “looks” at the sea in the east. It is the well-known side of Olympus but at the same time the so unknown. It is the side of Olympus, where the biggest “drama” unfolds during the Olympus Mythical Trail, with the athletes giving the battle at the beginning and at the end of their great race. LOST TRAIL is a summary of the essence of the Olympus Mythical Trail, traveling athletes on its paths, but at the same time it is a new, independent and independent route, which elaborately connects lesser known or completely unknown paths.

LOST TRAIL is dedicated to the generation of conductors, mules or keratzides, as they were known in those years. It is an ode to a generation that passed on to the consciousness and memory of its descendants but not to the written history of this place. The LOST TRAIL will be there to remind the greatness of the anonymous people who silently left the mark of their generation passing through the places where they built their own dreams and supported with hard work and pain the advancement of their people.


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