On Sunday, February 6, the race will be held in Loutraki: Loutraki Run 2022, which includes distances of 10km, 3km. & 1km

The announcement of the event follows.

Loutraki Run 2022

Α.Ο. Poseidon Loutrakiou and the Municipality of Loutrakiou – Perachora – Agioi Theodoroi, in collaboration with EAS SEGAS Peloponnese Region, announce an off-stadium road race under the name “LOUTRAKI RUN 2022” which will be held on Sunday, February 6, 2022. The event includes a ten (10) kilometer road race, and a three (3) and one (1) kilometer road race.

The start and finish of the 10 km will be from the area “waterfalls” in front of the thermal springs in Loutraki. Those interested can apply for participation at

The announcement of the race: Ο Α.Ο. Poseidon Loutraki and the Municipality of Loutraki – Perachora – Agioi Theodoron under the auspices of EAS SEGAS Peloponnese Region announce a Road Race outside the Stadium under the name: “LOUTRAKI RUN” (10km) which will be held on Sunday, February 6, 2022 in Loutraki, Corinth.

Start: at 9:30, Loutraki Waterfalls

Starting Point – Route: Waterfalls – El. Venizelou – Melinas Mercouri – Poseidonos – Papanikolaou – School of Engineering – Athens Avenue – El. Venizelou – Waterfalls

The road race (starting point, route, finish) will be supported by the Loutraki Traffic Police. The race track is certified by IAAF – AIMS RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE (10km) Athletes aged 15 and over, registered or not in a SEGAS club, are allowed to participate in the race.


The winners are the first three (3) athletes in the men’s category and the first three athletes in the women’s category of the general classification. The first winners will be awarded cups and medals. The second and third winners will be awarded medals. All athletes who finish will be given a commemorative medal of the race. The first three athletes and the first three athletes of each category, will be given as a prize their registration in the Athens Marathon, at any distance they wish at the expense of the event.


Registrations are made electronically at until February 3, 2022 at 12:00 noon. A limited number of registrations will be made on the day of the match at the secretariat and if there are available places. The organizers reserve the right if the number of entries exceeds the one provided to close the online form before the above date. Terms of participation: The registration will be considered complete once both the electronic application for participation and the payment of the respective costs have been made. There is no possibility to cancel or transfer the participation to another runner.


The timing will be done electronically by the company ALL ABOUT RUNNING for the 10mm and the 3mm, the 1mm without electronic timing. The unofficial results will be posted immediately during the finals, while the official ones will be published, after being confirmed by the organizing committee in the following days of the race. medical coverage The road race will have full medical coverage (ambulances, medical and nursing staff) In any case, all competitors participate at their own risk. The organizers have no responsibility for what happened during the race, regarding health issues due to pathological causes and lack of preventive medical examination, before the race. The organizers will not be required to provide medical certificates for any athlete, since all participants compete at their own risk.


During the race, bottled water will be available to athletes at stations along the route and at the finish. There is a time limit of one and a half (1½) hours from the start RECEIPT OF NUMBERS – PACKAGE The participation packages will be received exclusively from the building of the Municipal Thermal Spring of Loutraki (G. Lekka 70) on Saturday, February 5, from 17:00 to 21:00 and on Sunday, February 6 from 07:30 in the same place. The participants of 10 km must receive the participation package and their number exclusively from the secretariat. The participants of the 3 km must receive their number exclusively from the secretariat. The receipt is made by presenting the certificate of vaccination or disease from “Covid Free GR” 


Each participant in the races: 10 or 3 kilometers, will pay the price of 15 euros or 5 euros respectively. In the race of 1000 meters the participation will be free. The method of payment as stated in the electronic participation form.

GENERAL PROVISIONS FOR ALL COMPETITIONS REGULATIONS: The official regulations of S.E.G.A.S. will apply to the games. What is not provided by the announcement will be regulated by the technical managers of the games.

ROAD 10km.

Start time: 9:30 Starting point: Loutraki Waterfalls

ROAD 3 km

Start time: 11:00 Starting point: Loutraki Waterfalls


Eligible to participate all athletes aged 10 and over, who will run at their own risk and must have recently undergone a medical examination. The application form for children must be signed by their guardian, during the electronic submission.

ROAD 1 km

Start time: 11:30 Starting point: Loutraki Waterfalls Eligibility: Eligible to participate all interested parties who will run at their own risk in terms of their medical condition.


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