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Mastichallon is an event (running, cycling, running), which has become an organization – an institution in the North Aegean, based on the island of Mastix, Chios. It is organized once a year, with the aim of attracting large and small athletes and becoming the motivation for the development of the sporting concept.

Sunday 17/09/2022 athlete’s turnout 09:30, start time 10:00. Start: Volissos Municipal Parking.
Entry fee (early booking until 19/05/2019) per athlete 20 €, group 35 €.
Entry fee (delayed booking until 09/06/2019) per athlete 25 €, team 45 €. Registrations are closed on 09/06/2019 at 15:00. Entry level: 100.

Drop bag with t-shirt and local items.
Discount cards in local restaurants and hotels.
Prize of the top three in each category.
Commemorative medal for all end-time players (only for early booking participations).


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