Meteora Trail Run is a challenging fight for every mountain runner as well as for those who want to enter the magical world of the trail running.Meteora Trail Run – 2018Meteora Trail Runings Running5th METEORITIS ROAD Road race in the heart of Meteora October 7, 2018 Σ.Κ.Α. Meteora, under the auspices of SEGAS, in cooperation with the Municipality of Kalampaka and the support of the Region of Thessaly, announces the 5th METEOROTIKI DROMO Date of the race: Sunday, October 7, 2018Posting – Termination: Kalambaka Square Plateau: a) MeteoraTrailRunning (23.300m – 1394m altitude ): Start Time: 10:00 (AM) b) City Trail Meteora (5,500m – 150m altitude): Start Time: 10:30 (c) : 05 (am) Detailed information on the routes can be found on the official website of the organization: meteoratrailrun.grContinuous Participation – For someone to join the Meteora Trail Running, they must be at the age of 18. – To join a City Trail Meteora, you must be 12 years old. On the Children’s / Girls’ Road (1,000m) the participant must have reached the age of 6. Reactions – Meteora Trail Running Prizes (medal and cup) are awarded to *: Three (3) first winners of the General Ranking (Men – Women) Three (3) first winners from 18-21 (Young – Three (3) first winners from 22-39 (Men – Women) Three (3) first winners from 40-49 (Men – Women) Three (3) (3) First 60+ (Men / Women) winners In the longest / finishing age * Athletes and athletes will be awarded twice if they are winners in their general but also in their age category * Those athletes who have been distinguished but absent from the prizes, they will not receive their prize.- City Trail MeteoraPaints (medal and cup) are awarded to the first three winners of the General Men’s and Women’s Championship.General In both ways the club with the best time will be awarded, which will result from the finishing times of the first 5 athletes of the club. There will be no discount on group registration of participants. all runners who finish will be given a commemorative medal with the insignia of the race. The diploma will be available electronically from the official website of the event:

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