No Finish Line Athens: Charity struggle of love and offering for the Union “Together for the Child”

The No Finish Line is the world’s largest charity race in offer, participation and duration, aiming to support thousands of children in need. NFL Athens is the leading sports, cultural, entertainment, charity 5-day festival, aimed at families, schools, clubs, companies, organizations and individuals.

Its uniqueness lies in the ease that each individual and each group has to participate by running or walking as many times as they want in the one-kilometer circular route in the Kalatrava Agora. At any time of the day or night during the 100 hours that the race lasts, without time and kilometer restrictions.

The purpose of the participants is to record kilometers that are converted into money for the implementation of the programs of the Union “Together for the Child”.

The No Finish Line Athens, the international charitable struggle for awareness and contribution to children, which is held to strengthen the Union “Together for the Child” from 17 May 2023 in the Agora of Kalatrava in OAKA, from this year included in the program of parallel events the original “Kids Relays Festival”.

This is the 1st Children’s Festival of road races and relay races that will be held on Saturday 28 May (10 am-12pm) at the “Wall of Nations” of the Olympic Sports Center of Athens, with the participation of children aged 6 to 15 years from sports academies and clubs.

Participation is FREE, pre-registrations for the competitions have started and will be accepted until May 12, 2022, by sending a list of names and numbers of participants by the responsible coach of each academy and club, to the email

For more information you can contact the organizer of the Children’s Festival Manos Tzatzimakis at 6977 507 678.

CAUTION! Upon completion of the first 1,000 pre-registrations no further requests will be accepted. There will be an announcement when the 1,000 entries are completed.

The announcement of the Children’s Festival of road and relay races.

Saturday, 28-05-2022:
Start 10:00 – End 12:00


Wall of Nations, Olympic Park, OAKA


Relay 4 × 50m.
Relay 4 × 100m.
1 Kilometer Road


Sports academies and sports clubs of independent sport can participate in the event.

The races and the age categories for each of the events are:

4 × 50m Mixed: 2015-2016 (6-7 years old)
4 × 100m Mixed: 2013-2014 (8-9 years old)
4 × 100m Boys: 2011-2012 (10-11 years old)
4 × 100m Girls: 2011-2012 (10-11 years old)
1 Kilometer Boys: 2009-2010 (12-13 years old)
1 Kilometer Girls: 2009-2010 (12-13 years old)
1 Kilometer Boys: 2007-2008 (14-15 years old)
1 Kilometer Girls: 2007-2008 (14-15 years old)


Pre-registration for any event is mandatory and is done as follows:
By sending a list of names of team members (with year of birth for each child and choice of race) to until May 12, 2022.

The application form must be submitted by a predetermined representative – responsible for each team, who will be the contact link with the event.


The Equipment Receipt Center will operate from 14 to 22 May 2022 at the secretariat of No Finish Line Athens inside the Agora of Kalatrava in one of the pavilions after the archery center and just before the track training center.

Valid entries will be only for those teams that receive their equipment within the specified time period (May 14-22) from the secretariat of No Finish Line Athens.


With the completion of the Children’s Festival, special awards will follow in each category:

In the 4 × 50m relay team competitions. and 4 × 100m. Cups will be awarded to the first three teams of each category (12 teams in total).

In the individual race of 1km. A cup will be awarded to the first three winners and the first three winners of each category (12 people in total).


The route for the one kilometer race is circular (1,000m.) Between the Wall of Nations and the Agora of Kalatrava.

The route for the relay races is straight (50m and 100m) and the changes will be made at both ends of the straight line that connects the Agora of Kalatrava with the Wall of Nations.

The relay races will be held in qualifying rows of six teams each row and the first two teams will advance to the next stage until we reach the final to select the top three teams in each category.

For the correct change of the baton, there will be a predetermined change space that should be left by the child who delivered it, as soon as possible.

Trainers and volunteers will be used to run the race well and control the changes.


For all the competitors it is clear that they are competing at their own risk and the leader of each team must have a medical certificate for their participation.

This applies to all participants, regardless of age, who together with the registration form must accept the following terms attached to the entry form.

“In any case, all competitors of any age participate at their own risk. The organizers have no responsibility for what happened during the race, regarding health issues due to lack of preventive medical examination. “



09: 00-10: 00 Secretariat operation
10: 00-10: 40 Kids Relays 4 × 50m Race.
10: 40-11: 20 Kids Relays 4 × 100m race.
11: 20-11: 40 Kids Run 1km.
11: 40-12: 00 Team Awards

The start of the 6th No Finish Line Athens will take place on Wednesday 25 May at 09.30 in the morning at the Kalatrava Agora in OAKA. The end of the five-day 100-hour race will be at the same place on Sunday, May 29 at 13.30 at noon. Five days with sports, music and live events on the NFL Athens stage.

“No Finish Line Athens” has collected and donated a total of 143,470.50 euros in cash donations to the Association “Together for the Child”. So come with us to highlight and spread the culture of support and offer.

Information on individual or group registrations on the official website of the event:

Everyone has the right to participate!

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