No Finish Line Athens is a race of awareness, activation, participation, sport and offering. With all these unique features, even if the decision of the Greek government allowed it, as an organization we could not ignore what is happening around us and how critical the situation remains in terms of limiting and controlling the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

So the decision of the Executive Board of NFL Athens, in consultation with the international organization No Finish Line International and the Union Together for the Child, regarding the 4th “No Finish Line Athens”, is not to proceed with the implementation of the second part. of this year’s event, which as announced on April 6, 2020 was divided into two parts, the “virtual run” that took place 6-10 May 2020 and the “actual run” that will take place at the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center October 7-11 2020.

This decision will have no effect on those (teams and individuals) who have completed their registration in the NFL Athens 2020 regardless of whether they participated in the “virtual run” of the 4th “No Finish Line Athens”, as decided by the organizing committee and contacted In this regard, their registration is normally valid for the 5th No Finish Line Athens without any additional financial burden.

In addition, although the deadline for cancellation and refund for NFL Athens 2020 has expired, the organization announces that it will make sure to meet all cancellation requests received by September 20, 2020 at

Following these developments, No Finish Line Athens, the world’s largest charity dedicated to children, is scheduled to host the 5th event in 2021 from May 19 to 23, hoping to be a symbol of society’s return to normalcy.

Announcements and information about the applications as well as the new program of the 5th NFL Athens, will be communicated within the next October through the official website of the event, the social pages of the event, as well as the issuance of press releases.


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