Registration has opened for the Oropos Seaside Race 2022, which will be held on Sunday 23 October 2022.
The organizing program includes kilometers of distances that are aimed at everyone, as it is a beautiful coastal route of natural beauty along the Euboea, that is aimed at everyone, as it is suitable for those who wish to test their abilities as well as for those who want to start exercising.
The detailed schedule of the races: Road Race 21.1 km. Start time: 09:00
10kmRoad Race Start time: 09:10
5km Road Race Start time: 09:15
1km Road Race for children Start time: 09:20
1km Road Race for Parents and Walkers Start time: 09:20
Road race for the disabled Start time: 12:00
Organizers of the Oropos Seaside Race 2022 are the Municipality of Oropos together with the Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Oropos. The organization of the event has been undertaken by the All About Running company. More information and registration at


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