The “Oropos Seaside Race 2018” is now a successful institution which, in the third year of its organization, aspires to enlarge the national interest of the athletes to participate and to strengthen the synergies that place Oropos in the hospitable map destinations for major sporting events and the development of sport tourism.

Every such race, anywhere, in Greece or abroad, is a historic event, in memory of the feud of the messenger Pheidippides. The Municipality of Oropos, however, has its own long history of sports events since the beginning of the 4th century BC. with Mikra Amfarias and Megala Amfarias, where they included musical, athletic and equestrian games.

With all the means and infrastructure of our Municipality, which organizes the event, this year has the honor and joy of the auspices and support of the Attica Region. Also, for the second year, we are honored with the double auspices of the General Secretariat of Sports, the Department of Sports Tourism and Alternative Activities of Sports Recreation and Training and the managing body of the European Program “Be Active Hellas”. Finally, by enhancing our cooperation in the development of quality tourism in Oropos, the Hellenic Tourism Organization – EOT, and for the second year, honors us with its auspices.

We are also inviting you this year to a unique celebration of noble competition and “fair play”. With the slogan and promise of this celebration “Equal Participation of Disabled People in Society and Sport”, we invite the disabled people to honor us with their participation in the 1 km race.

The “Oropos Seaside Race 2018” is a unique opportunity for you athletes, as well as fancy runners to share, enjoy a natural beauty path along the Euboic, as well as high requirements. Besides, our active participation as athletes, runners, volunteers and spectators is an incentive for future generations to focus on health and creativity.

We are expecting you, in Oropos, on Sunday, October 21, to run, compete and finish all WINNERS!
Welcome to the 3rd Oropos Seaside Race 2018!

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