On November 5, 2023 the PAIKOS HALF MARATHON and the 2nd race of 5 kilometers with the name “Kastanodasos Paikos” will be held in Paiko, Kilkis Prefecture.

We dream of a Paiko, a pole of attraction for athletes, walkers, cyclists, thematic visitors, who will enjoy the oxygen, the paths, the small villages and the monasteries, and not a “dead” mountain whose streams end up in hydroelectrics and whose slopes are covered with wind turbines. The race is twinned with the “REST…LIFE” race organized in Kakkavos and once again we express our support to the residents who continue to resist paying the heavy price of choosing to fight for the salvation of their place. We welcome all efforts to highlight and protect the natural wealth of our country with similar events and we hope that together organizers and athletes will keep our mountains alive!

START TIME Half Marathon 10:30 am. 5km 10:45am

ENDS Half marathon 2.30pm 5km11:45am


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