It has become an institution and is considered one of the most important sports events in Attica. Combining jogging, cycling, fun and starry sky, and the most beautiful view of the Basin, Poikilo Night Trail completes this year for seven years and promises surprises. The Cycling Roads Club of Odysseus Petroupolis announces the 7th Poikilo Night Trail on July 6, 2019, on Mount Poikilo. The event includes two 5 km of MTRs for beginner runners and walkers and 10 km of runners for MXRs and 25 km of MTB (MTB). Athletes can only take part in one of the three routes as the starts will be given in 30 minutes. Initially, cyclists will start and then runners and walkers will follow. All three races will move on forest roads and pass through paths (footpath length of about 2500 meters for the bike and about 600 meters for running). The three races will run on different routes and there will be a water station at the middle of each route. There will be a team of volunteer rescuers, a doctor and an ambulance at the events venue as well as selected points of the routes. The signage will be done with phosphorescent media and special reflexes from 3M, the leading company in the field of marking.

Useful information
Entries will be made through the club’s website,, by completing the application form and by specifying the race (s) involved. The statements will run from Monday, May 20, 2019, until Sunday, June 30, 2019. In order for registration to be valid, the submission must be submitted within three days of the date of registration.


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