“ODYSSEUS” PODS with the support of vibram proclaims the Poikilo Rocky Mountain 2019 for the 7th of April 2019, in the Mount of Varieties. It is a Trail Running race with a total track length of 22,500 meters, a total positive altitude of 1,063 meters and many technical paths. It evolves exclusively in the Variola Mountain and has a circular shape. Participants will have the chance to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Mount from all sides, while many sections of the route pass through pine trees, mountainous and hilly paths.

At the same time, two smaller matches are held:

Poikilo UpDown-Race 8km with 396 meters positive altitude

Poikilo Fun-Race 4km for beginner runners and children

Click here to see the race tracks.

Entries will be made via the website of the club after the deposit has been deposited with the bank, by filling in the name of the depositor and the date of the deposit payment on the application form. The statements will run from Tuesday 1 January 2019 until Sunday March 31, 2019. It is essential that the name of each athlete who will take part in the COMMENTS field in the depository is unique. Any bank charges are chargeable to the depositor and participation is not considered valid if the deposit amount is less than the cost of participation.

CAUTION. If you choose to transfer funds by wire transfer from another bank, the cost is charged with three euros (incoming transfer costs charged by the euro bank and borne by the depositor).


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