Sunday 4/9/2022


The organizing committee of POLYGYROS RUN HALKIDIKI, announces the date of the 6th Road Race, on 
September 4, 2022, in Polygyros, Halkidiki. The Registrations have been opened, are in progress and are carried out 
electronically, through the website of the event
The Organization includes 3 Games:
1. Popular Health Road 5 km with Running or Dynamic Walking. Starting time 10.00
2. Mountain Race - City RUN 14.6 km - Start Time 10.15.
3. Children's Race 1000m, aged 8-12 years, with a starting time of 12.30

The Start and Finish for all 3 Games will be in Heroes Square in Polygyros.

The purpose of the event is to promote and disseminate the athletic spirit and highlight the natural beauty of the place.

All information about the event can be found on the website of the event
Regular updates are provided on the facebook of the Race:
Tel. 6944831115

The organizer is the ASSOCIATION OF HEALTH RUNNERS OF CHALKIDIKI, in collaboration with A.O. Oxythemis, 
the Reserve Armed Forces Club of the Prefecture of Halkidiki, the Association of Women and the Entertainment of 
Polygyros, the Voluntary Club of Women K.A. Polygyros, the Folklore Club of Polygyros, the Cultural Association of 
Polygyros, the Dance Club of Polygyros, the Athletic Chess Club of Polygyros, Niki Polygyros, the Association of 
Cretans of Polygyros, the Association of Epirotes of Polygyros, Polygos of Polygyros and Gymres. The Race is under 
the auspices of the Regional Unit of Halkidiki, of the Municipality of Polygyros, in collaboration with EAS SEGAS 
Thessaloniki Halkidiki and with the support of the Tourist Organization of Halkidiki, the Community of Polygyros and 
the Office of Physical Education of the Prefecture of Halkidiki.


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