2/10 – 4/10, 30/10 – 1/11, 27/11 – 29/11, 8/1 – 10/1 (2021)

Poseidon OWS Cup 2020, “E-Challenge” version started on June the 26th and will continue until the end of 2020! This is something that you have never experienced before!  

What is it?

This is a series of 4 races – championship – that will take place during the summer months! With only one registration, you participate in all 4 races! The last weekend of every month, swim alone or in small groups (always following the safety rules) the distance which you have registered for! Once you have completed your effort, upload the GPX file of your watch to the special platform (details will be given after the registration) and watch the live results forming in front of your eyes! 

Your first try, wasn’t your best one?

No problem! Within the weekend of the each race you can try as many times as you like and finally upload your best time! 

Important Notice!

The E-Challenge is not competitive against physical races! The athlete is able to complete both virtual and physical race in just one try! Just send the GPX file of your physical race, to participate on the virtual race too! 

What is the goal?

For 2020, the goal for each athlete will be to participate the entire series of races! For the final ranking, the 3 best races for each athlete will be selected! After the last race of 2020, the medals will be sent to all participants and overall category prizes will be awarded, as well as age groups:








What are the specific dates?

2/10 – 4/10

30/10 – 1/11

27/11 – 29/11

8/1 – 10/1 (2021)


What it the registration cost?

The registration cost for all distances is €25. The price includes:

  • Participation in 4 virtual races
  • Participation medal
  • Participation medal shipping to the selected address 
  • Live results 
  • Athletes’ support throughout the games
  • Awards for the overall winners
  • Awards for the age groupers
  • Free attendance in the live e- event of the awards ceremony
  • Gifts from sponsors


What else do I need to know?

  • It is not possible to change swimming distances when the races have started.
  • The swimming distance should be exactly the predetermined! If it is smaller, it will not be accepted!
  • Athletes can participate with or without wetsuit. There will be no separate categories. Swimming aids are not permitted (flippers, paddles etc)
  • RaceFinder.gr has the right to check the data received and compare it with any data available and published from other OWS races and in cases of large deviations (lower times compared to its usual performance) the times will not be accepted and the athlete will be excluded the athlete from the competition. RaceFinder will also hold the right, for specific athletes only, to request a swim repeat in a predetermined place, with the physical presence of the athlete and a referee.
  • RaceFinder.gr strongly supports fair play and announces this e-challenge on the basis of athletes’ honesty. However, it reserves the right to take any legal action against individuals and to publish their names if it is proven that one tried to deceive the process and also his teammates – something we are convinced that will never happen!
  • Participation in any of the challenges means accepting all of the conditions above

 For your own safety we advise you to always swim using an OWS safety buoy. You will be able to add one in your registration, on the next step of your registration!

Ticket Type Price Cart
1.000m OWS (4 races) 25.00

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3.000m OWS (4 races) 25.00

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5.000m OWS (4 races) 25.00

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