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  • Sprint Triathlon
  • Olympic Distance Cross Triathlon (point-to-point)

Prespes-Varnountas-Pisoderi 12 & 13 September 2020
In this remote corner of Greece with its incomparable natural beauty and ancient history, we are waiting for you for a unique race!
Our absolute respect for this natural environment but also our desire for healthy sports, are the dominant slogans of this race.

The Sprint Triathlon race will take place on the shores of Great Prespa. The bike path follows an asphalt road with very large straight lines and a very small altitude difference (120m) and slope (1%). On the running side, the route also follows a straight line with a minimum altitude difference (23m) and a slope of 1%), while moving on a dirt road.

We follow in the footsteps of the brown bear, the dominant animal of the region, which on the shores of Prespa will hunt fish and teach its young how to fish them, will climb the slopes of Varnouda to find shelter and will descend to Pisoderi to harvest the mulberries and wild apples.
On this road, the swimming will take place in Megali Prespa, the mountain bike route will cross Mount Varnounta, to end on the other side, in the area of ​​the ski center Vigla Pisoderi, where the part of the mountain will take place. running.
This race does not follow the classic circular form but it is a point-to-point crossing where the start and finish are at different points. For this reason the change zones will be two (2). The limbs of cycling and running are done entirely on dirt roads (forest roads).

Visit the official website of the race for more details.

Ticket Type Price Cart
Prespathlon Cross Country Olympic distance 70.00 55.00

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Prespathlon Cross Country Olympic Relay 105.00 90.00

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Prespathlon Sprint distance Relay 75.00 60.00

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Prespathlon Sprint distance 45.00 35.00

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