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Every last Sunday – Saturday – Friday of every month (depending on the sport)!

Something new has come and is presenting it first! Virtual reality Challenges require real athletes!


What is this Challenge?

This is a Challenge for athletes, in which anyone (over 18) can participate from anywhere ! The Challenge is not competitive towards real races, since if one is willing to participate in a physical race on the day of the Challenge, it can be done! Challenge’s distance can be completed before, after, or even during a race! All you need to do on a specific day of the month is complete a certain distance!


What equipment is needed?

Only a smartwatch or a mobile app! You record your activity via GPS and send us a picture of it! We collect photos, record the times, and publish the ranking every month!


What is the purpose?

For 2019, we will start on September, with all the sports! The goal is for every athlete to collect all the medals of the season (September – December)! For 2020, the goal will be for every athlete to compete in the entire series of races, collecting all 12 medals over the year! At the end of 2020, awards will be done for overall sport categories as well as age groups:







How do I get my medal?

After completing the sport (s) each month and sending the information listed above, the medal will be sent to the address stated during registration.


How many sports can I participate in?

Every athlete can participate in whatever sport(s) he/ she wants!


What days do sports take place?

Every last Friday of the month:

Swimming Pool – Distance 1.500m

Every last Saturday of the month:

5km or 10km run

Every last Sunday of the month:

Cycling 20km

Every last Sunday of the month:

1.0km, 2.5km or 5km open water swimming

What is the cost of participation per sport?

The entry fee for each sport is set at € 6/ month. This price is final,  VAT included. The shipping costs of the medals is € 2 (within Greece. If the medal is shipped outside Greece, extra charges may apply). is committed to supporting charities every year by giving 10% of net income to a different foundation. For the year of 2019, the earnings will be send to the “Smile of the Child”!

From the beginning of the 2020 Challenge, a special pricing policy will apply to all athletes who will be willing to participate for the whole year!

What else do I need to know?

– It is not possible for any athlete who wishes to take part in the 12-month Challenge to change distances throughout the year. For example, if one chooses the 5km swim, one should be sure that they can complete the swim during the winter months.

– In the case of swimming, athletes can participate with or without a wetsuit. There will be no separate categories.

– has the right to check the data it receives from athletes with the data and published race results and in the case of major deviations (lower times than his / her usual performance) we will not to accept the times and we will  also exclude the athlete from the Challenge without any further obligation.

– supports the sports ethics and begins the Challenge upon the honesty of the athletes. However, we hold the right for any legal action against individuals and disclosure of names should we prove than an athlete tried to deceive the process, and his/ her teammates – something we are completely sure it wouldn’t happen in a thousand years!

– Participating in any of the Challenges, means that you accept the rules above!


TIPS on participating A VIRTUAL Challenge

  1. Commit to training!Cross training works, but getting a run/walk/ swim in a couple of times a week is important. (The beauty of the virtual Challenge is it can be run or walked/ chill swam!)
  2. Plan out your route well in advance of the Challenge day. And plan out a back-up route. Find a regular route which is great, unless you are on a limited time and can’t go too far away from home. Then the back-up route is in your neighborhood.
  3. Find a friend to run/ swim/ bike with you.Sports are more fun with friends. Even if they aren’t signed up for the Challenge, you can still do it with them.
  4. Schedule your run/ swim/ bike ride.It can be 8 a.m. or 8 p.m. Make sure you schedule the time so you get it done.
  5. Enjoy yourself!Sports can be so fun, and Challenges can be a great time for you (or they can be torture.) Don’t let this Challenge be a torture!


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