The Educational and Cultural Association of Plokamians of Kissamos, the team of Lafonisi Road Inachoria Routes, the team of Health Runners of Kissamos, the Peripheral Unit of Chania and the Municipality of Kissamos organize a race of hiking and hiking in the area of ​​T, hiking and hiking. Δ. Inachori of the Municipality of Kissamos, a total distance of 8 kilometers. There will be a mountain running race and hiking that will give you the opportunity to discover the waterfall “Retzaka” and the natural beauty of the area.

The Retzakas Trail Run & Hike 2023 is a sporting event aimed not only at athletes, mountain or road runners but also at walkers and nature lovers. Our goal is to promote and disseminate the athletic spirit, to highlight the natural beauty of our place, but also to raise awareness on, always relevant, environmental issues and issues of freedom of our mountains. The following are details & regulations for the Retzakas Trail Run & Hike 2022

DATE & TIME OF CONDUCT: Sunday 05 February 2023, 10:30 a.m.

PLACE OF CONDUCT: Plokamiana Semi-Mountainous Area, Vathi, Tzitzifia (Municipality of Inachori, Municipality of Kissamos, 10 km before Lafonisi) with passage through Retzakas Waterfall (detailed route description below)

STARTING & ENDING POINT: Old Primary School of Plokamiana (See here:

RACE TYPE: Mountain Running race (uneven road) but also hiking a route of a total distance of 8km. There will be two different starts. One for the Retzakas Trail Run 8K with a competitive character and timing, and a 2nd start a few minutes later for the Retzakas Trail Hike (on the same route) without a competitive character without timing.

RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: For the TRAIL RUN (race with electronic timing) adult men and women aged 18 and over have the right to participate, while for the TRAIL HIKE (walk without electronic timing) adults and children with children aged 15 (Children 15-1) can participate parent statement while children under 15 with a responsible statement AND accompanied by a parent or guardian). The race is generally aimed at athletes and non-athletes, runners and walkers, to ordinary people who like mountain running, but also to all of you who enjoy walking or hiking in nature. Participants are advised to be in good health and take personal responsibility for the necessary medical examination before the race and are required to accept the terms of participation during the online registration. Also for the participation in the race will apply instructions-obligations that are mentioned and are valid based on the clarifying instructions of the General Secretariat of Sports, before the date of the event.

PETS allowed but must be under the constant supervision and responsibility of his boss. They must be tied or moved with a leash because there are places on the route where sheep and goats graze.

APPLICATIONS: Registrations are made ONLY electronically from here and will be completed on Wednesday, February 2, 2022 at 21:00. Each registration – participation is nominal and unique for each person and can not be transferred to another person for any reason. There will be NO possibility for handwritten registrations as well as registrations at the secretariat on the day of the race will NOT be done, observing all the protocols according to the instructions of the GGA.

COST OF PARTICIPATION AND BENEFITS: The cost of participation for the Retzakas Trail Run is set at 12 € and for the Trail Hike at 10 €. The package of runners of 12 € includes (for the TRAIL RUN): Envelope with the participation number with 4 latches, timing chip Technical t-shirt Commemorative Medal of Participation (will be given at the Finish) Water supply at a specific point of the route Health coverage Water supply, water supply, treat after the race Photo gallery The package of walkers, hikers of 10 € includes (for TRAIL HIKE): Envelope with the participation number with 4 safety pins Souvenir t-shirt Commemorative Medal of Participation (will be given at the Finish) Water supply at a specific point of the route Health coverage Water supply, water supply, treat after the race Photo gallery Payment of the participation fee can be made either electronically or at receipt of packages (See 8). All participants will be notified of the payment electronically by email 10 days before the race with the relevant instructions. It is also preferable to pay electronically as this will avoid any overcrowding and any delays on the day of the match. Refunds from electronic payment and on-site payment are not made for any reason. Note that the event has no obligation or responsibility for anyone who has not made an email registration and attend the race or walk. Anyone who has not registered electronically, has not paid the fee and does not have a participation number (bib) has NO RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE (even in hiking) nor is he entitled to any souvenirs.

RECEIPT OF PARTICIPATION PACKAGES: Receipt (and payment for those who did not pay electronically) of the participation packages can be made on the day of the race on SUNDAY FEBRUARY 6, 2022 – 08:30 to 10:00 at the Secretariat where it will be at the Start-Finish point. All measures against covid-19 will be observed upon receipt and payment.

ACCESS TO THE RACE: You can reach Plokamiana with your vehicle following the same road to Lafonisi (via the provincial road Kissamos – Elos – Chrysoskalitissa – 28Km from Kissamos, 60km from Chania). Plokamiana is located after the village of Vathi, 10km before Lafonisi and 7km before Chrysoskalitissa (See here: The starting – finishing point is the old Primary School of Plokamiana and is located 400m from the point where you can park your vehicle (See here: where there will be signage and space.

ALTERNATIVELY, there will be a transfer by bus for the route CHANIA – KISAMOS – PLOKAMIANA with return at a cost of 5 €. Those who want to travel by bus will be able to declare it during the electronic declaration of the race. The route will start from CHANIA (KTEL) at 07:15 a.m. exactly, and at 08:05 a.m. from KISAMO (KISAMOU TOWN HALL) and arrival is expected in Plokamiana at 09:00 am. Departure from Plokamiana at 15:30 p.m. for return to Kissamos and Chania respectively. The payment of 5 € for the transfer will be collected upon boarding the bus by a person of the event. The route will NOT have intermediate stops and the departure times will be strictly observed.

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: The Retzakas Trail Run & Hike includes a total distance of approximately 8 km. It is characterized as a trail race as it includes rural roads (with dirt, stones, slopes), a path while there will be a passage on an asphalt road. The route starts from the old Primary School of Plokamiana (altitude: 210m) where the athletes ascend through rural roads to the village of Vathi. At 1.75 km (altitude: 310m) where the asphalt section begins, we ascend to the right to the village of Tzitzifia. Before the village of Tzitzifia at 2.8 km. (altitude: 380m) where there will be a feeding point, turn left and after 200m we enter again on a rural road and proceed for 1.2 km. At 4.2 km. (altitude: 430m) we reach the point where the most difficult part of the race – hiking begins after we go off the road and go up to the Retzakas waterfall through a marked and demarcated path for about 250m. We reach the waterfall which is the highest point (492m), it will be a mandatory point of control and transit and for anyone who wants it will be a point of natural water supply. Then the descent begins in a slightly different route for 250m to the rural road and then we move in the opposite direction up to 5.8 km. which becomes asphalt again and immediately after at 6 km. at the same water supply point where we turn 180 degrees to the left and descend to the village of Tzitzifia. At the beginning of the village at 6.6 km. (altitude: 355m) we also turn left and enter again on a dirt rural road for 900m. At this point (7.5 km, altitude: 280m) we enter a small part of a path and descend to Megali Elia (7.7 km, altitude: 265m) and then enter again on a dirt rural road and descend to the Primary School Plokamian School in Finishing.

TOTAL WE HAVE: 5.5 km. earthen piece in rural roads, 2.1 km. asphalt piece, 800m path.


ROUTE TIME LIMITS: For the Retzakas Trail Run (with electronic timing) there is a time limit of 2 hours (valid timings until 12:30). For the Retzakas Trail Hike hike (without timing) the finish time limit is 3.5 hours (hiking completion by 14:05 pm). There will be a “broom” from people of the event where they will accompany the last runners and walkers so that no one is left alone on the route.

ROUTE MARKING: The event will have taken care of the adequate signaling of the route with darts, project tapes and ropes that will indicate the correct course of each runner and walker. At several points in the race there will be volunteers who will guide you to the right path. There will also be kilometer signs as well as warning signs (danger, ascent, descent, slopes, mud).

CHECK POINT: Checkpoint and mandatory crossing point (For TRAIL RUN only) will be the highest point of the route (at 4.45 km) passing by Mrs. Retzaka shaker. There will be a person of the event where he will note the individual participation number of each athlete (bib) as confirmation that the athlete had crossed the point. Any runner who finishes but does not pass the checkpoint, the finish is considered CANCELED. Participating walkers (for TRAIL HIKE) are not required to climb to the waterfall but can reach up to 4.2 km. of the route. However, we suggest everyone to climb to Retzaka waterfall (despite the difficulty of this small part of the route) as it is the well-hidden diamond of the area that gave its name to our event, whose beauty will reward you.

ROUTE SUPPLY: There will be 1 double water supply point where runners and walkers will meet it at the 2.8th km. and at the 6th km. of the route. You will be given water bottles where you can consume them on the spot and dispose of them in a bin or bag within the limits of the supply station. You will also be able to keep the bottle with you for the rest of the way to the finish or some other point with a bucket so that it will be disposed of properly. It is strictly PROHIBITED to fly the bottles anywhere outside the bins or in nature. Please respect the natural environment. There will be a natural water supply point which is the Retzakas waterfall at 4.45 km. of the route which is also the highest point. Also at the end of the route there will be water, bananas as well as various products for energy replenishment.

MANDATORY EQUIPMENT: There is no mandatory equipment for participants, but the use of trail shoes is recommended as most of the route is dirt with several stones. The use of walking sticks is also allowed by the participating walkers of the event (for runners it is not recommended since the route does not have large and steep slopes and is proportionally short and fast). The use of gloves, windproof, isothermal is at the discretion of each participant and will depend on the weather conditions on the day of the event. In the last days – hours before the event there will be information about any special requirements due to weather conditions. Any use of technical means by the participants in the route (bicycle, motorbike, skate) is PROHIBITED.

CATEGORIES & AWARDS: There will be only 2 categories. Men’s General Category and Women General Category where the first 3 of each category will be awarded with unique souvenirs and gifts of great value.

CANCELLATIONS – EXCLUSIONS: In cases where the participant throws a bottle or any other waste in the environment will incur an exclusion penalty. It is also prohibited and excludes the cutting (shortening, pole) of the route as well as any unsportsmanlike behavior (pushing, violence, racism, etc.). The finish by a runner who did not cross the checkpoint is also considered invalid (see 13).

SUSPENSION OF THE CONDUCT: In any case where the match is postponed without the fault of the organizers (extreme weather events, lockdown) the match will take place on Sunday, February 27, 2022 at the same time at the same location. In case it is postponed again, there will be a new announcement.

PERSONAL ITEMS: At the finish line (Old Primary School of Plokamiana) there will be a place where participants can leave their personal belongings for safekeeping while running or hiking.

INSURANCE: The organizers will have contributed the most to a safe race, however the event does not insure the participating athletes. Insurance Companies do not undertake group insurance of outdoor activities with a degree of risk for obvious reasons. It is at the discretion of each athlete to carry out at some other time an individual life insurance contract, which covers -if possible- the case of an accident under the conditions of a mountain endurance race. The organizers have the right to change the rules or the route without notice, if this is deemed necessary for security reasons.

From the organizing team of Retzakas Trail Run & Hike Find “RETZAKAS TRAIL RUN & HIKE” on Facebook:

Information: Plokamakis Emmanuel: 6973761676 Papadimitrakis Menelaos: 6976517472 Emails: odykissamou@gmail.com_


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