Rodopi Advendurun (Rodopi Ultra Trail up to 2012) is a new approach to mountain racing, presenting the new version of the ultra-race, which puts the athlete and his abilities in complete test while evaluating the experience he has gained from his long-term engagement with the sport. Rodopi Advendurun is, by definition and because of his philosophy, only addressed to experienced athletes, of whom he requires the maximum of their natural and psychic powers. Rodopi Advendurun is a race created for athletes primarily! It was designed to give the opportunity to those who consider themselves trained in the running and adventure to prove it. This struggle is the transformation of the Virgin Forest Trail, the original concept that took place in 2007 and proved that Greek trailers have the potential for high-level racing. Rodopi Advendurun is now upgrading this idea by simplifying procedures: minimal external assistance, assessment of the situation by the contestants themselves, their emancipation with the release of security related issues, their skills and their insight (few refueling stations, removal of mandatory equipment, longer journey times, increased difficulty). A fight for renowned and experienced mountain athletes. The future of Adventure Races. The route of Rodopi Advendurun exceeds 164 kilometers, making it the first and historic 100 mile trail race in Greece. His journey wanders in the vast forests of the Rodopi Mountains, one of the largest mountain ranges in the Balkans. It uses trails that have been closed in recent decades, since people have left these mountains to find a better fortune in new homelands. But they left their traces, and then nature came to cover everything, but keeping a slight suspicion of human presence, the one that makes the human soul shudder in her thought. Rodopi Advendurun came to highlight the Rhodope Mountains, this unique area of Greek territory, giving trail lovers a strong challenge. The mountain runners have the opportunity to get to know the nature of Rodopi and to realize why this area needs beyond its proclamation in the National Park and its substantial protection and why the paths, this corridor to history, must relive and to tell everyone the time of this forgotten place.


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