Friends of Rogas but also athletes of this year’s race, hello! We welcome you to the race that with its appearance five years ago shook the winter, desert landscape in the Greek mountain run. We are happy to have you with us in a few days and we will live a strong experience together, you as competitors and we with the responsibility to do everything well until the end. From here and in this way (email) we restore for the days remaining until the race, a communication that aims to make you aware of the conditions under which this year Rogas will take place: regulations, conditions, conditions, procedures. Here we have to apologize to all of you, as a technical problem did not allow automated messages of approval of your applications to be sent. We start today our first communication, with some basic facts: The fight is only for vaccinated or sick people. In both cases, each athlete will be required to show their (valid) certificate in order to receive their number and chip to compete. Only valid certificates are accepted, not first vaccination or promise of future vaccination (for 1st or 2nd or even 3rd dose). If additional precautionary measures are imposed by the State, then our organization will implement them in full! No mandatory equipment is provided in the race! If the conditions are extreme (cold, snowfall and snowfall) then it will be strongly suggested by us, to have with you the basics (gloves, hat, jacket, shoe racks, leggings).

In even more extreme conditions, mandatory equipment will be imposed: a) gloves, b) hat, c) jacket, d) leggings, e) bandage, f) aluminum blanket. In general, if you have never run in the snow in your life, be sure to familiarize yourself with the idea that this is extremely likely to happen on January 30 this year!

The weather for January 30 is not yet known, but the trend (long-term forecast) for the time being shows the maintenance of winter conditions, without a significant rise in temperature until then. In practice, this means that at least ¼ of the route (5-7 km) is likely to be in “snow-capped” soil conditions, as layered snow is called in Meteorology. Read on our website that you can do more, you will find it useful for sure! Visit us at www.omtcom and enter the Roga section. There you will find all the details you want.

Also, enter the FB Page of the match daily, at From the process of informative emails, the one you see now reading this text, you will be informed approximately every 3-4 days until the day of the race. We will make sure that each subsequent email contains a different section of information and each time, a newer update for the weather forecast.

Cancellations can be made until the last minute, in the sense that someone who is on the list, either can not or does not want to compete, for any reason (health or staff).

What can not be done, especially this year due to the conditions of participation created by the vaccination certificate required by our organization, is the refund to those who are not going to compete (see regulation # 9). Read all the regulations here Regarding the noise that erupted today 12/1 with the gossip justification for the freezing of the games by the GGA due to a pandemic, what is really happening is far from the image formed by publications and rumors. In a written briefing on the organization of our space (mountain running) the GGA recommended an extension due to the increased vigilance of society in general, but without prohibiting the conduct of this race.

However, the GGA informed that it is extremely possible that the measure of rapid-tests will be applied in the popular struggles, even for the vaccinated. Such a thing will clearly be implemented by our organization, provided that the GGA always adopts a similar suggestion of the scientific committee of EODY. The final decisions will be announced on Sunday 16/1 and any small modifications by Rogas, will be incorporated immediately after (Monday 17/1), whatever they are! Our dear friends and athletes This was your first update on this year’s Roga. We will be happy to answer your questions, which will relate in general to the race or in particular what is contained in our first contact. So do not hesitate to reply to this message by submitting your questions and we will immediately cover you. We are updating the update appointment for the end of this week. Good luck to everyone!

Rogkas Rogas is a trail or “small” mountain running race, as mountain races of this size are called. Its main feature is the winter character, as it takes place in the heart of winter, at the end of January. “Rogas” is the smallest race of the Olympus Trails in Olympus. It is the first step of acquaintance of the athletes with the other two races (Lost Trail & Olympus Mythical Trail). It is a miniature of the Lost Trail route, as most of it is identified with this race.

Rogas aspires to be a purebred, winter, small race, which will give every year the opportunity to the fans of the sport and Olympus, to live a rare experience on a beautiful route, in the heart of winter! Rogas has a growth of 26.3 kilometers and an ascent of 1880 meters.

The start and finish are located in Lakko of Litochoro, a few meters away from the main square of the village. The route has a circular shape, with a main trunk a circle of 18 kilometers, which at some point stretches to converge again. The route develops on the eastern slopes of Olympus, which also form the catchment area of ​​Enipeas, which is the central theme of this route, as its movement on its circular trunk allows athletes to see the same part of the gorge from the 360 ​​degree view!

The route of Rogas consists of a combination of non-busy paths, which have a historical character, as they were the main communication routes of the inhabitants of Litochoro, with the heart of Olympus, where economic activity developed for many generations (logging, animal husbandry, etc.) but also with the historic monastery of Agios Dionysios.

The organization of “Roga”, gives special importance to the preservation of these historical trails and their acquaintance by the general public, athletes or not. Rogas or Rougas, is the avalanche in the old Litochori local dialect and etymologically comes from the Albanian root rroge or the Aromanian (Vlach) rungu, which means naked from vegetation. The word rogas is still known among the old Litochori mules and woodcutters while in old maps of Olympus there is even the place name “Rogades”.


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