The Municipality of Megalopoli, in cooperation with the Peloponnese Region, organizes the Run Theatre. The race will be held on May 6, 2018 with the support of local sports clubs and under the auspices of EAS SEGAS in the Peloponnese.

The event includes: 10 km race, 5 km race (and for high school students) and 2,5 km race for all, (for elementary school pupils).

The aim of the event is to highlight the historicity of the ancient theater of Megalopolis and at the same time to give impetus to its restoration process and to attract runners and exiles from Megalopolis and the surrounding areas in the first phase and then evolved to a meeting point for runners, a major sporting and tourist destination for the whole Peloponnese!

The start and finish of all matches will take place in front of the Central Square of Megalopolis and Kolokotronis Street. On the square will be the support functions of the Organizing.

We invite you all to become part of the great party festival.



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