In the autumn, the time for the Salomon Mountain Cup, the favorite winter trail of racing in the mountains of Attica, has become an institution in the sidewalk community since every year it allows more runners to discover the magic of the mountain running, get in touch with nature and get to know safe walks near their home!



All you have to do is note the dates in your competition calendar which for 2019 are:

1st match, Kryoneri, January 13th

2nd Race, Parnitha – Vasilya, February 10th

3rd match, Penteli – Dionysos, March 3rd


Salomon, the most specialized company in the field of mountain running with products made by athletes for athletes, is once again the great sponsor of the series of races, which is addressed to all runners regardless of their level and fitness.

Beginners are considered to be the ideal races, as athletes can safely get a taste of mountain racing, but on a smaller scale. Medium-level athletes can make a strong test and compare their times with previous years, while for experienced people there is a strong training coaching for the major spring matches.


The Salomon Mountain Cup is a series of races with three separate tracks,

very different, but covering all the race requirements

mountain running.

The distances of each race are relatively small (10-14 km), while the technical difficulty is moderate so as not to scare the newcomers into the mountain racing area. As in previous years, each race will have a second, shorter 5-7 km route without any technical difficulty, for those who “have not yet” the distance but want to test their strengths in a mountain struggle.

Of course the smallest routes are ideal for those who just want to walk in nature. Kryoneri is the easiest route, with the shortest slopes and of course the fastest. Basilica is an endless “playground” for large children, in a beautiful forest while Dionysos has the highest aesthetics but also the greatest technical difficulty!


Trail Pro has taken over the technical management of the Cup by taking care of flawless signaling, flow of the program and safe movement of athletes.

Chronosystems Chronosystems is responsible for electronic timing of matches, guaranteeing quick and accurate results.

There will be six age categories that are: Men A1 (18-29), Men A2 (30-39), Men A3 (40-49), Men A4 (50+), Women C1 (18-39) and Women C2 (40+) while in the short run there will be two categories, men and women.

Each match will be awarded to the first three winners of each category and a medal for all participants.

The winners of the Salomon Mountain Cup will win donors’ gifts while there will be a prize draw between the athletes running on all three races and they will be ranked in the Cup.


Very soon on the website you will be informed about all the necessary details of each match where you will find all the technical features, instructions for the registration, access to the starting place,


The organizing committee

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