Aegean Island, Central Greece



The Modern Trail Runners C.I.C proudly present the first annual Skopelos trail race on September 5th 2021. Preparations shall begin on the weekend of Friday the 10th at the Race Hub in the heart of the port this shall be a “one stop shop” for all essential STR information from registration, accommodation, race numbers for the big day or just simply a friendly face we shall be here to meet and greet all. Saturday the 11th there shall be the all essential “PASTA PARTY” an opportunity for all competitors to load up on some wholesome high energy carbs, meet fellow runners, new and old friends. Sunday the 12th “RACE DAY”. The old port is the starting and finishing point for all races, a charming historic location providing the perfect backdrop.



To create an annual sports recreation event that shall become an integral part of Skopelos’s social cultural calendar with the community at its heart. Our aim is to promote health and wellbeing through sports and fitness whilst celebrating the biodiversity of the island. Opening up economical opportunities for sports tourism for the local communities and the wider audiences enabling the facilitation of all year round recreational events. One islander who shall play a pivotal role in establishing The Modern Trail Runners vision is Agnontas, the island’s very own Olympian running champion from the ancient games in 569 BC. We pledge allegiance to the legend of Agnontas his spirit shall live on through a continuous source of inspiration for future generations. We shall follow in his footsteps with pride and honor.


21KM MOUNTAIN TRAIL “THE MAIN EVENT” (open to 18+years)

This mountain race takes you deep into the heart of Skopelos’s second highest summit Mount Palouki standing at 546m / 1,790ft above sea level. To begin, runners shall take in the traditional characteristics of the main village with some testing steep inclines to get the blood flowing from the outset. We shall exit the village via the ring road making our way downhill towards the Stafylos road where we shall enter Palouki via dirt tracks leading to natural trails. Runners shall be greeted by breathtaking scenery from monasteries to olive groves, mountain springs to deep blue seas. A true representation of the “Green & Blue” island.


5KM URBAN LANDSCAPE(open to 12+ years)

A great distance for all ability levels hugely popular throughout Europe and indeed the world. Runners shall be taking in the traditional picturesque village via the labyrinth off narrow streets passing by whitewashed houses and ancient chapels that Skopelos is famed for, coupled with stunning views around every corner. This is a race were we shall be encouraging all to participate. Locals, visitors, fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters everyone can get involved. With good discipline and regular training this is a distance easily covered. So, dust of those running shoes and stay tuned for training tips and advice.


1.5KM CHILDREN’S RACE(6 to 9 years old) (9 to12 years old)

Our aim here is to introduce the children to sport at an early age, exploring the importance of group participation whilst having fun literally every step of the way with family and friends.



Join us on our journey to promote a healthier, better, sustainable future for all.


The organising team

The Modern Trail Runners




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