Cancellation of Sougliani Trail & conversion to open training.
The Sougliani Trail is in the awkward position of canceling for the second consecutive year the race scheduled for April 25 at Mount Stratoniko. The event was scheduled from the beginning as the deadline on April 1 as a prerequisite, so that there is the minimum necessary time for its smooth conduct. Unfortunately, today’s epidemiological data led us to this decision since no planning can be done. Instead we turn the Sougliani Trail 24.5km & Sougliani Path 12km race into open training for the 7th consecutive year of side running training at Mount Stratoniko, at Stavros & Ano Stavros in Thessaloniki, of which 20.3km is a trail (82.8%). We invite athletes to run with us again on the trails of our area. Caution! In the training that we will do, there will be no refueling stations but we will go through running water per kilometer: 3,4 – 4,4 – 11-17 – 21, where the athletes can drink water. That is why those who come, should have their own catering on the same day Sunday (25/4), same time (10:00 am) and same starting point (1st Primary School of Stavros).
Following the regulations of the GGA (Government Gazette 895B ‘/ 06-03-2021), The training groups should not exceed 7 people, keeping distances of at least 2 meters between the athletes. In practice, each team will be more flexible if it consists of 2 to 4 athletes of the same pace, instead of more. At the moment we are addressing only residents who live permanently in Stavros & Ano Stavros Thessaloniki based on what is provided by EODY for transport. We hope that until the 25/4, when the training will take place, the epidemiological situation in Greece will be better and that travels throughout our country will be allowed and as many athletes as they want from any region of Greece will run in training.
Athletes and athletes can travel with the code SMS 6 (on foot or by bicycle), until further notice.
The use of a mask is mandatory. Athletes are excluded from the use of a mask during exercise.

Each athlete can follow the training rhythm that he / she thinks is best for him / her, without being afraid that he / she may lose because there will be very good markings along the route (red, yellow, blue), signs direction and (X) showing the error and cones with the logo of the event on forest roads. The marking will be exactly the same as the day of the official match (25/4/2021).


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