Sougliani Trail:
An event that will take place for the 6th consecutive year with over 300 athletes from all over Greece participating!
The event will take place on April 26, 2020 at 09:45 am at the Stratonic Mountain, Stavros and Ano Stavros Thessaloniki.

The Sougliani Trail race course is 24.5 kilometers long and has a positive altitude difference of +1600 meters. For the most part, the route consists of a 20.3 km trail in a dense area. It includes three forest habitats with deciduous broadleaf trees: primeval beech, oak and perennial big chestnut trees! It is also worth mentioning that it has also received the ITRA – International Trail Running Association certification, giving the right to athletes who will validly finish to a degree that they can use in overseas competitions.

Along with the big Sougliani Trail race, the Sougliani Path 12km race will take place at 10:45 am at the Stratonic Mountain, Stavros Thessaloniki. The path of the Sougliani Path has a total positive altitude difference of +750 meters. For the most part the route consists of a 9 km (75%) trail. And the Sougliani Kids Race 1km. No participation fee. For foot details:

Anyone who wants can also see and download the Sougliani Trail 24.5km by GPS at the link: 46812600, and at ITRA:, as well as 3D Animation:, the Sougliani Path 12km route GPS at link:, and at ITRA:, and 3D Animation: and photos of the route at: On the ITRA calendar: for detailed race details.

In this effort and for the best possible organization of the race we invite volunteers. The participation of volunteers in our race is very important. Volunteer registrations start March 1st on the site.

Cross Entries open from March 1, 2020 and run until April 19, 2020. Eligible are those aged 16 and over, and the cost of entry is 15 euros for the Sougliani Trail race. Race regulations link: & Sougliani Path 12 euro. Race rules link:

The method of registration – payment can only be made electronically via credit or debit card and via masterpass at the site: The race organizers are the BoD. of the Stavros Mountaineering Club

For this race we are acting as intermediates! This means that we do not have the exclusivity for the race’s registrations and we charge you a small fee for our services. The organizer will receive your registration though our system and you will receive both ours and the organizer’s registration receipts! In the case that registrations are closed or any other problem appears, we will return the registration fee back to you (minus the service fee). In the case that the race is cancelled, the race organizer will be responsible for the fee handling. 

Ticket Type Price Cart
Sougliani trail 24,5km 16.50

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