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For the 2nd year running the TihioStageRace race at the gorgeous Wall of Doris!
On the 9-11/10/2020 weekend, we expect you to enjoy the ultimate mountain running experience!

3 days, 100 kilometers and 5,350 positive altitudes make this race more than just a race. It is an opportunity to try your limits on the three routes and enjoy the mountain life while staying at our camp.

8/05 day 1: The start will be at the seaside village of Sergoula Doridos. The route will largely follow a footpath near the sea. 17 km and 1,000 + D will take you to the seaside village of Marathia where the first day will end (exclusion time, 4 hours)
9/05 day 2: 53 km roundabout with 2,700 + D and 3 exclusion limits. It will have its start and finish at the specially designed Wall Amphitheater.
10/05 day 3: the last day will start at the village square of Braila. 30 km distance and 1,650 + D (exclusion limit, 7 hours) ending at Wall, where it will be closed for a strong three days.

* For more information on routes you can visit our website.

* The event will take up residence and sports nutrition on the three-day race at the specially designed camp in the Wall.

ENTRIES ARE OPENING (Total Entries 40).
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For this race we are acting as intermediates! This means that we do not have the exclusivity for the race’s registrations and we charge you a small fee for our services. The organizer will receive your registration though our system and you will receive both ours and the organizer’s registration receipts! In the case that registrations are closed or any other problem appears, we will return the registration fee back to you (minus the service fee). In the case that the race is cancelled, the race organizer will be responsible for the fee handling. 

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