The start of the race, for both distances, will be between 8:00 and 9:00 on the morning of Sunday, October 18th. Regarding the route: – The swimming leg will run in front of the Moraitis Beach.

Distance: Sprint: 750m-20km-5km & Olympic: 1.5km-40km-10km

Match schedule 18/10

7:00 – 8:00 secretariat open
7:15 – 8:15 change zone
8:35 technical update of athletes
8:50 distance Sprint start
8:57 start standard distance
10: 00-13: 00 Restoration from Base Training
13:30 awards at the Moraitis Beach lawn

We remind you that it is necessary to present your identity, the person responsible for the registration statement and the relevant medical certificate.

Race track

Sprint Swimming (750m)
Starting and Exiting the Moraitis Beach We leave the buoys in our left hand. We take them all the way out to the planned route.
Olympic swimming distance (1500m)
 2 rounds of 750m.
 Exit the change zone which will be located in the Moraitis Beach parking lot and turn right onto the Olympic rowing area. We do the paddle tour (for those who know, we pass under the stands), we always have water on our left. There will be volunteers and signs! Exit the paddock and turn right at Schinia Avenue, where we go straight to the end. There we turn around and head down again to the royal entrance, where we re-enter and repeat the same route (rowing round and Schinias avenue). After doing it twice for Sprint and 4 for Olympic distance, we turn right heading for the change zone, entering the parking lot of Moraitis Beach we enter from the underside of the zone and clear where there will be a volunteer to leave our bike. .
Coming out of the changing zone we turn right, always right at the edge and enter the paddock following the signs. On the run we continue straight through the gate / entrance / guardrail and pass behind the stands, where we run along the sidewalk to the point where the bridge will be and the timing carpet and return the same way.
At the Olympic distance the exact same route is performed twice. The reverse of the run (for Olympic) takes place in the parking lot of Moraitis Beach. End next to the change zone.

Individual and group participation is possible.

Τhanks all the participants!


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