For the fourth consecutive year, on the Path of Truce, on Sunday May 5, 2019, the “Truce Road” will take place on the holy land of Olympia. This is a non-competitive event with participants taking 49.8 km to convey the message of the Truce that was “born” in Ancient Olympia and has been transformed through sport around the world.

The “Path of Truce” not only joins Elis (host city of the Olympic Games) and Olympia (place of the Olympic Games), but brings forth the hilly Ilia and promotes culture, tradition, and hospitable people welcoming with their traditional products and delights runners.
The purpose of the event is to bridge the ancient and modern, old and new, and remind everyone why were held in antiquity, the Olympic Games, so based on the “Path of Truce ‘to come back to the fore the ideals of respect for man and the holy right to peace …
For someone to take part in the Truce Path, no financial participation is required, with the organizers holding a priority order according to the date of submission of the statement. All runners are awarded with uniquely numbered medals.

More information on the route and information on the route can be found on the official website of the Path

2018 Truce Road Video:


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