On May 19-20 September 2020, racers, swimmers and friends of sports tourism choose the Tyros Run organized by “A COUNTRY NAMOU” in cooperation with the Municipality of South Kynouria and the Municipal Society of South Kynouria.

The unique Tyros remains a staunch athletic ambassador of Kynuria and through its institution-building event, it dynamically puts the region at the center of sports tourism, highlighting in a best way the beauties of a destination beloved by athletes.

Tyros Run 2020 – George Marneris closes four years and organizers are planning a two-day racing and cultural event with innovations that will delight participants and visitors.

Running, swimming, culture

The event for the first time involves an open-sea swimming race. On Saturday 9 May athletes will have the opportunity to test themselves in crystal clear waters on 750m and 1500m routes in Tire Bay. At the same time a dynamic and fast route for bold runners is planned. The Urban Sprint 1000 is a 1000m distance race designed by top athlete and coach George Lufek.

The first day of the event will conclude with cultural events at the “Melina Mercouri” theater in the port on the theme of jackets and traditions of the region. Special emphasis will be given to Mother’s Day, which is celebrated on the day of the theatrical race, dedicated to “Tsakomana”.

On Sunday, May 10, racers, kids, and walkers have their honor. The main “menu” includes the 8000m and 16.000m races with the port of Tire starting and ending. Kids and students will enjoy the joy of a race at 500m, 800m and 1000m.

Tyros is famous for its various paths. The organizers have arranged for hikers to plan the ‘Explore Tyros’ trek, a wonderful 6000m route that will be unforgettable.

The Arcadia Tire is ready in 2020 to excite athletes and visitors looking for quality events. Travel with your friends, run the routes, swim in the blue waters, experience the culture of Kynuria.

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