1. Race Details

The match will be held in Tyro Arcadia on Sunday, September 22, 2019, starting at 9:00 am.

2. Race program

Triathlon belongs to the sprint category and includes athletes, individual and group (2-3 athletes). Includes:

Swimming 750 meters / Bicycle 20 km / Run 5 km.

Location: Port of Tyros

The race will begin with the swimming (750m) swimming in the crystal clear waters of Tyros with the support of floating means. Then, 20km of bike starting from Tyros Port and 10km to Astros, with a reversal of Kryoneri and returning from the same route.

Bike Race Features: Traffic Controlled Vehicle Trail (Police – Private Guard Service). the route is characterized by mild altitudinal differences and most of it has asphalt field.

Triathlon completes the running race (5 km) on a flat track along the Tyros beach in asphalt field, on a traffic-controlled route (Police – Private Guard Service).

The match includes electronic timing.

Ticket Type Price Cart
Tyros Triathlon Sprint Relay 40.00

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TyrosTriathlon Sprint 25.00

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